Feb. 17-21

Dear Parents,

This is our last week with the study unit of buildings. We had a great time and learned a lot! This week children created their own buildings and had a variety of activities on each center. For example, in the easel where they had contact paper instead of white paper to paste popsicle sticks. They also used soft blocks in the sensory table where we placed water and they had to build on the water. In the block center they used the blocks to measure themselves, they had a great time doing this! In the art center we did Juana's farewell t-shirt and in the writing center we placed a magnet table and they used magnetic letters to write their names and other friend's name. As a closure for this unit we went on a field trip here at ISP to watch the construction site.

On Friday we celebrated Julia's birthday! Children love celebrating their birthdays here at school.

Below you may see all the pictures of their creations. Hope you enjoy them!

Teaching with love,

Ms. Maria & Mrs. Jeanette

What can you bulid using popsicle sticks and contact paper?

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How tall can you build using soft blocks on water?

Do you need someone to help you at home? We have constructors!

How many blocks do I need to measure myself?

Getting Juana's farewell t-shirt ready!

Can you find the letters in your name? In a friend's name?

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I can build COOL things!

Field trip: Construction site @ISP

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Happy birthday Julia!!

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Singing happy birthday in the morning

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