Alfred Adler

Megan Milano

Early Age

Born outside of Vienna, February 7th, 1870

I created and attended "Wednesday Night Meetings"

- created by myself, Sigmund Freud, Rudolf Reitler, and Wilhelm Stekel

- formed Vienna Psychoanalytic Society, where I was 1st president


Graduated at University of Vienna with medical degree, 1895


Doctor in Austrian Army in World War One

Professor at Long Island College of Medicine, 1937

Professor at Pedagogic Institute

Psychological Perspective

Three Theories

Individual Psychology

- believe people focused on maintaining control

- believe who we are is how we interpret ourselves and our environment

Psychological Development in Kids

- believe children had a need to belong

- believe mothers should encourage child to take responsibility and to discipline them

- this makes children grow up to have a need to be the "superior" one

Understanding Human Nature

- believe our lifestyle is controlled by our feelings toward life

Inferiority Complex

I believed this is developed by a child if they fail to reach a goal. As they get older, due to the need to accomplish, I believe they will try to be superior to make up for the lost goal and to belong with adults.

Awards and Recognition

I was the first community Psychologist, which means his work payed attention to community life.

I was the first to provide group/family counseling.

I was the first to write about social determinants of mental/physical health.

Wrote book, "Health Book for Tailoring Trade" 1898.