Respect For Authority

By: Matt Berger

The Issue:

  • People disrespect authority starting as a child.
  • Fathers are not teaching respect
  • People lack respect for authority starting small, then building up leading to riots, fights, and people threatening authority.
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  • Recently in 2014, in New York, a man was killed by a New York police officer.
  • This is similar to other issues that has happened before also, A Caucasian police officer kills a African American.
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  • Once people hear that a white police officer kills a African American they start blaming it on race.
  • When people assume that this police officer chocked this person on purpose, they start to protest and then more and more people protest. Protesting then leads to threats and riots.
  • Also the issue is that fathers/parents do not teach their kids how to show respect for authority.
  • If kids get taught to respect authority when they are young, in my opinion, they would not go protesting so quickly until they know the whole story to the situation.

How to solve the problem

  • In words of Ben Carson, "polite" and "appropriate" are two key words he thinks are important.
  • Ben Carson talks about fathers mostly. If fathers teach respect and show respect to authority or to anyone, their kid/kids will look up to that and most likely do the same thing.
  • One of the main part into solving this problem is to have fathers/parents to teach/show respect to authority and not just authority but to everyone.
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second and third solution

  • The next solution is to create a letter to the government or the police department
  • Have the government or the police department write a letter and post this letter on the computer. This letter can explain everything.


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