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Referred to as: magic mushrooms, shrooms, caps, boomers. The drug is a certain kind of mushroom that contains a chemical called psilocybin. It's found in about 190 species of mushrooms that are edible and is a hallucinogen that can either make the user feel overjoyed or terrified with anxiety. The drug can be eaten, made into tea or coated with chocolate or something sweet.

What type of drug is it? Short Term Effects

Mushrooms are a hallucinogen and short term effects can last 3-8 hours after being taken. These short term effects include hallucinations, having interesting thoughts (outside the box), fear and paranoia, allows you to see different colours and patterns and alters your reality and perspective.
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Long Term Effects

They have a low toxicity rate and users usually don't experience withdrawal symptoms. Mushrooms that are poisonous look similar to the drug and need to be picked carefully outdoors. A lot is unknown about the drug still, but there are long term negative effects such as muscle weakness, disconnected thoughts, and disorganized behavior.

How is it used? Legal status?

The drug can be eaten, made into tea or coated with chocolate or something sweet. In some cases they can be taken in a pill form and put in food like in between sandwiches so that it's bitter taste can be covered. The drug was claimed illegal after many people said they had "bad experiences" and not enough information was available about it.
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Addiction related issues

Although shrooms are not physically addictive, they can be psychologically addictive. This means that people are addicted to using this drug for fun and are addicted to the way the drug makes them feel, like excessive happiness.

How to Get Help

There are many support groups that people can attend and that can help people that are always using this drug for recreational use.