Frontal Lobe Damage

Traumatic Brain Injury

Sally Jones suffers from damage to the frontal lobe of her brain that occurred after a serious car accident in 2014.
The frontal lobe is the portion of the brain that controls emotion, personality, problem solving, impulse control, social and sexual behaviors, judgement, and memory (CNS, 2015). The frontal lobe of the brain is also used in movement, with the left frontal lobe controlling language related movement and the right lobe controlling non-verbal abilities (CNS, 2015).

What to Expect

Damage to the frontal lobe is often characterized by changes emotional, motor, and cognitive changes in the patient (Breedlove & Watson, 2013). Damage to the frontal lobe can also impair judgment, affect attention span and organizational ability (Brain & Spinal Cord, 2015). One of the greatest impacts of frontal lobe damage is the change in social behavior of the patient, undergoing significant changes in personality (CNS, 2015).


How do we determine the extent of the damage?
A team of doctors will be used to determine the extent of the damage as well as determining the cognitive abilities have been affected. These determinations are made through a variety of different doctors and tests (Brain & Spinal Cord, 2015).

Will my loved one ever return to their old self?
Learning to live with someone who has gone through a traumatic brain injury involves learning to deal with the personality changes of the loved one. Those who have suffered a TBI often will show signs of their old personality but expect sudden shifts in mood (Cromer, 2012).

Does a person that has suffered a TBI need to be supervised at all times?
This depends on the level of damage and the affects on the cognitive ability of the individual. Some people that have suffered from a TBI need constant supervision due to the lack of impulse control (Medscape, 2015).


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