An Hiroshima Edition

Pertaining to Hiroshima

It was the finale stage of World War Two. The United States dropped two atomic bombs. One fell onto Hiroshima. It killed thousands of people. That was the only time nuclear weapons were used in warfare history. It was a tragic, devastating event.

Peace Crane

Sadako Sasaki was two years old when the atomic bomb dropped down. She went on living a pretty decent, healthy life until she was in the 6th grade. She started getting symptoms of the mums but later discovered that it was leukemia. Also commonly referred to as "atom bomb disease" by the japanese at the time. She was hospitalized and while incarcerated someone showed her pretty paper cranes. They then told her how it was said to be that if you could fold 1000 of them, you would receive a wish. So she made over 1000 before the day she died hoping to become cured. She now has a monument and people from all over the world send paper cranes to it.

1000 Cranes of Hope

It is said that one who fold 1000 cranes is granted a wish. Also they could be cured from an illness.1000 cranes of hope is a project were cancer patients and their supporters have a collection of wishes. The whole purpose is the fight against cancer.