May Retreat- Walking the Lyme Road

Blue Ridge Mountains | Art of Living Retreat Center

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The Power of Integrative Medicine

As survivors of Lyme and seasoned health-care practitioners, Katina Makris and Dr. Dashore know the heartbeat of Lyme disease and the way its symptoms can mimic autoimmune illnesses. Gain practical information and techniques so you can manage this autoimmune disease for yourself, along with your family and health-care support teams. More

Katina Makris & Dr. Jodie A. Dashore

Katina Makris is an award-winning author, columnist, speaker, and holistic health practitioner. Her experience, compassion, and expertise has changed the lives of many as she guides them through their journeys to health.

Dr. Jodie A. Dashore is an internationally acclaimed natural healer, author, teacher, mentor, research scientist, and physician. She is also a trained spiritual counselor, yogi, and meditation leader. Dr. Dashore is a leading physician in the field of Natural Medicine and Neurology.

Art of Living Retreat Center

Located in the peaceful Blue Ridge Mountains, the center is an oasis to discover health and happiness at all levels. Here are a few of the reasons people enjoy visiting: