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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Online Challenges

Funny or scary stunts or challenges are nothing new to pop culture, but in an age of viral videos and 24/7 online access, these challenges take on a whole new level. Developing minds are particularly susceptible to participating in these stunts: sometimes children do not have the foresight to see consequences, sometimes the fear of FOMO (fear of missing out) is strong, and other times, they are simply too young to understand if something is not real.

On the heels of the Momo Challenge, Common Sense Media posted a round-up of the 13 Online Challenges Your Kid Already Knows About. This fantastic resource informs parents of the harmless to horrifying challenges and presents family strategies for handling the pressure to participate.

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Common Sense Media: Ultimate Guide to Parental Controls

With summer on its way, your child may spend a little more time with screens during the summer break. It's a great time to review and refresh parental controls. Don't forget to have a conversation with your child about screen time, too!

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