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The Home/School Partnership with Mr. Weaver's Class

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Happy Spring!

Spring Break is past and we are into the home stretch of the 2nd grade year. This has been a great year of learning for all of us! Please know I am grateful to have your child in this class. This is a wonderful group of children.

What's Going on In Math?

Definition: a problem is any task or activity for which the students have no prescribed or memorized rules or methods, nor is there a perception by students that is a specific “correct” solution method (Hiebert et al., 1997). A problem does not have to be a word problem it can be any task or activity that fits the above definition. The students will continue to "play with numbers and number concepts" using multiple strategies and communicating their thinking. Having said that . . .

The students have learned the basic algorithm for adding two digit numbers that require "carrying." The important understanding here is that Place has Value--ones, tens, hundreds, etc. Further, neatness and precision certainly counts! The children have heard me say over and over: 1. Make sure you write in straight columns! and 2. Always start in the ones column! Subtraction up next!

Multiple ways of knowing and showing what is known is still encouraged. We will not be using the standard algorithm exclusively-- flexibility of thinking is valued here!

Basic Facts: The Moby Max Fact master section and ST Math Fact section are good at-home resources to utilize!

Reading Writing Workshop

The children conducted an interview with an elder over Spring Break. What an important interview this was! This interview has led to many reading/writing experiences. For instance, we have been focusing on biographies during our Read Aloud time each day. We have noticed how biographers organize their writing into topics of a person's life: early childhood, family, education, major contributions, etc. The interview has led the children to compare/contrast similarities and differences between THEN/NOW. The children have also created their own flip-books, in which the front flap has THEN and a category/fact . . . this is flipped up to reveal the corresponding NOW category/fact. The children have engaged in rich conversations--they just LOVE talking about "the old days" when Grandma was 8!

St. Patty's Day Dance--I'll Tell Me Ma

I'll Tell Me Ma on St. Patty's Day!

Young Scientists Gain Knowledge of Vermiculture!

Our Young Scientists have truly enjoyed learning about vermi--worms! If it wiggles, crawls, squirms and slimes--it's cool! We cleaned, constructed, and repaired Mr. Weaver's "Can 'O Worms" worm bin--with the help of Mr. McGinnis! Learning about the anatomy of worms with terms such as setae, segments, clitellum, anterior and posterior has been great fun and highly scientific. Just ask your child--you will get an earful! Outstanding.
Herman the Worm Website

Students are expected to learn and use content-specific words in science, the arts--all subjects. Sometimes, the words are big. Go to the anatomy section of the webpage.

Herman the Worm Song

These days, we hear the saying: "There's an App for that." Well, for years, I've believed: "There's a song for that!"

Barn Owls--Interest-based Learning

One of our reading groups read a book about owls. The interest was high amongst group members . . . the interest began to spread . . . and spread . . . now, there's an Owl Interest Contagion in Room 209!

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