Language Analyst Chinese and Korean

Real world impact with the NSA

What exactly is a Language Analyst?

A Language Analyst is someone who takes the information gathered from a forigen language speaker and then puts it into context after researching and determining what is relevant.

How does the NSA have anything to do with this?

While anylyzing Chinese and Korean intellegence gathered, you will be informing U.S policy makers, military officers, and other members of the Intellegence Community.

Responsibilities, Pros, and Cons

This specific Job will ward you from $39,589 to $91,291 in salary!

What should I be qualified in?

In this specific Job, you need to have a high school diploma, three years of Chinese or Korean at a university, and at least one year of experience speaking either language by living abroad, being in the military, or teaching either of the languages.

How do I train?

There are many schools that offer courses in Chinese and Korean. Two of which are The University of California in San Diego and Haverford College in Pennsylvania that offer Chinese courses. Two that offer courses in Korean are Stanford University in California, and the University of Pittsburg in Pennsylvania. Iowa College of Human Services offers an exchange program in their Korean language courses, where you can get experience for living abroad.