Centennial's School Garden

All about our upcoming school garden!

What We Need

For our garden we will need wood, seeds, watering cans, someone who is more educated in botany and can help teach the students who are involved and look after the plants.

The Garden of Life

What We Want

Our project idea is bringing a garden to our school. This would create a place where everyone can come together and work to make something everyone wants. It would also get students into working with their hands and the environment. But what the students mostly want is better lunch and this garden can help with that by us planting fresh fruits and vegetables.

Students Lead the School

To take lead in this project we will first find people who are interested in the idea. Then, we will start making posters and doing other things in an effort to get the word out. After that, we will create roles in our group so we can be more productive. The people who know more about gardening can take some lead and also help the others who don't know as much. The people who are more artistic can run marketing and basically everyone will get a job based on their skills. This way everyone can work in their comfort zone while contributing to the big project.

Why this is Important

This project is important because in this generation kids may like to go outside but not many get into the environment. This garden may not be on land but it is a little taste of what it's like. This will make people more interested in getting dirty and making things instead of just buying. This can also teach people many things from the skill of planting your own food to just making something on your own and being successful.