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Volleyball Uniform Requirements to Change in 2016

To avoid any discrepancies and to distinguish between the libero and other volleyball team members, the volleyball authorities have decided to change the volleyball uniform requirements for the year 2016. The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Volleyball Rules Committee in January 2015 decided and approved new volleyball uniform requirements which will be coming into effect during the matches to be held in 2016. The changes passed by the Volleyball Rules Committee were then approved by the Board of Directors of NFHS.

What do the revised rules indicate?

According to the new rules, the libero will have to wear volleyball uniform top which can be easily identified from any angle and they should stand out from the other members of the team. The color chosen by libero and the teammates for their volleyball uniform should be of solid color uniform top and should be in contrast to the other primary colors chosen for the uniform top of other teammates. Moreover the color chosen should be appearing in more than half of their volleyball uniform. The solid colored top of their uniform should have sleeves of the same color as the body of the top and piping should be lesser than 1 inch in total and can be of any different color. Also the wording on the top and the color should be of different colors and numbers at the back should be of contrasting color to the top.

Why need for revision of uniform rules?

According to the directors of the NFHS, there is a need to change the uniform of libero as the officials were unable to identify them and also find out legal playing actions. As volleyball is a game where colorful uniform is worn by the players, it was becoming quite difficult to identify the libero due to similar uniform designs and rules would be help in identifying them easily. This rule with be effective from the 1st of July 2016 so that the manufacturers of the volleyball uniform will get enough time to make the changes and also enable high schools to budget for such changes.

All the new rules and changes approved by the Volleyball Rules Committee are listed in the website of NFHS which is www.nfhs.org. According to statistics provided by the 2010-11 NFHS High School Athletics Participation Survey, volleyball is considered to be the third-most popular sport for girls in the country and 13th most popular among boys at the high school level. Each high-school team is very particular about its volleyball uniforms and volley ball shorts be it for either boys or girls and want to stand out from the crowd.