Office Cleaning Business?

How to Start an Office Cleaning Business?

Ever wondered of a business that requires no real big investment and can be started the next day? There are not many businesses to name that you can start off with really minimal investment and that too on such a short notice. Office cleaning business is one such thing you can start off! If you are thinking of a business that requires very minimal investment, zero learning, no inventory, no real headache, nothing is better than owning a office cleaning business. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you are planning to start an office cleaning business. Keeping these points in mind would help you score big in longer run and bring you higher returns.

What Buildings to Clean

First of all you should have clarity in mind about the types of buildings you want to clean. As you are going to enter into a commercial line, you got to target your customers. Keep your vision clear as to what kind of offices you want to clean. If you want to venture into bigger places, you can take up malls, big offices, etc. If you want to start off small and slowly, you can target banks, gyms, shops, convenience stores, etc.

Select a Name

Giving a name to your business is really important. It is going to be your identity in this domain. And, if you are planning to start off really big, you are going to be known by this name in future. There always remain a few points to keep in mind while naming your business, especially when you are into office cleaning. Adding your area’s name would help you connect directly with your customers, as this will be more of an area-targeted business. Say you plan to start it in Boston, the best name could be ‘Boston Cleaning Services’ or ‘Boston Office Cleaning Services’, etc.

Get Business License and Bank Account

Now that your business has a name, you got to obtain license from the concerned authority and open a bank account wherein all the transactions would take place. All your profits and expenditures will be carried out via this bank account. Remember, it will be in name of the firm!

Get Insurance and Bond

It’s time to get liability insurance now, as it will be the next thing that you’ll need for your commercial cleaning business. Local agents would help you find the best deal. You can also get your quote on the internet. Well, it would largely depend upon where you live, but the average should come around $500 per year. Look for multiple options.

As you would not be doing all the cleaning by yourself, you’ll need to hire a few employees. It will be in your best interest to get a bond. Companies like Janitorial Bonds can help you strike the best deal.


Of course, you got to set your price. And, as you are new, you got to keep it competitive. This business might not let you charge hourly from your customers, as I will be very difficult to gauge as to how much it will take to clean a given setting. Therefore, it will always be in your best interest to quote it work-wise. Get your calculations right and quote it. Also, keeping a keen eye on competitors’ rate (if any) would be of great help. As you would be new in business, providing high quality and economical services would be good for your business.


People would not come to know about your business until you advertise about it. The more the advertisement, the better it would be for you and your business. Distribute flyers, business cards, create a Face book Fan Page, place advertisements in newspapers, magazines, local television, etc. There are hundreds of things you can do to advertise your business. Do not forget to get it listed in your local yellow pages!

Prepare Documentation

As it will be a service-based business, you got to keep your paperwork ready, like commercial cleaning bid proposal contract, office cleaning bid proposal contract, commercial cleaning cover letter, commercial cleaning invoice, commercial cleaning bid packet, etc. All these documents, if ready, will make your organization professional.

The above steps would be highly helpful if you are planning to get into office cleaning or commercial cleaning business. Just make sure you keep all the steps in the right direction and provide best and uncompromising services to all your clients.