beef jerky

beef jerky

Lip Smacking Natural Angus Beef Jerky

Lucky Brand Jerky is a family owned and operated endeavor located within Holdrege, Nebraska. Built on consistency and integrity they produce and sell excellent quality, top rated tasting, lip smacking angus jerky from pure natural angus beef. Natural beef jerky is really the only beef jerky made with 100% all natural cattle raised antibiotic, hormone and growth promotant free originating from birth.

They did not achieve excellence overnight, and it wasn't by chance, it was shear determination and a ton of research in developing the finest beef jerky. They follow a distinct process with their cattle that results in all natural beef held to the finest standard. It starts with everything important from breeding, raising, feeding, and shipping which makes Lucky Brand the main supplier of beef for one of the nation's leading natural beef retailers for well over a decade. Their cattle has superior marbling due to lengthy days on feed and an all vegetarian diet coming only from ingredients made and grown inside the midwest. Their cattle is their daily lifestyle therefore treated and maintained with compassion and humane animal welfare. Only special grazing methods are utilized such as pasture rotation to be environmentally responsible.

Lucky Brand jerky has perfected the actual procedure of breeding beef completely naturally. In addition to retain the meats tenderness and taste they have perhaps essentially the most modern high-tech storage facility in the United States. You'll need to realize after a decade of producing the greatest natural beef jerky Lucky Brand continues to be consistent in an effort to supply only premium quality natural angus products. Beef with this quality is processed and transported from only USDA inspected facilities.

Beef jerky coming from 100% naturally raised and processed beef is the actual angus jerky deserving the brand name of Lucky Brand Jerky. Completely free shipping and handling on every order bought online today.