The reformation

By: William Johnson

What Was The Change

People began to turn away from the catholic churches and formed different groups of Christianity. The followers and those who believed in the catholic church decreased. even though most of the people began to rebel against the the catholic, the king was still catholic. The person who started this was Martin Luther, and his followers were Lutherans. There other groups too but were not Lutherans. overall this was a time when people tuned from the catholic churches but still were apart of the same religion.

Who Were The People Associated With The change

The key player in this period was Martin Luther, who created 95 statements on what was wrong with the church. This ultimately led to him being excommunicated from the catholic church. His major disagreement with the church was that you only needed faith to go to heaven. Another man who was associated with this period was Calvin John. His one rule was different from Luther's, instead of just having faith, he believed that you must have faith in god, in order to go to heaven. lastly there were protestants who didn't all belong to one group, but were those who just didn't belong to the catholic church.

How Did It Impact Society?

The most oblivious impact, was the cause of others to encourage others to with different beliefs to branch off, but still practice the same religion. Church's morals and authority came to an end, while the kings and states grew in power.Catholic officials began to build catholic schools where people were forced to practice the religion. Another effect of this era was that women were more active than ever before, especially noting the fact that they were able to read the bible.

To the right is a picture of the printing press.

How Is The Change Seen Today In Modern Society?

  • Today in modern society women are clearly seen as equals to men and are able to do anything that men can. We no longer have people lawfully set to flames for voicing their opinions on religion. The catholic churches are still separated from the non- catholic churches, meaning that there are still many different forms of Christianity today.We also Live in a society where there is no connection between state and church.this is the difference between society now and how it was hundreds of years ago.