The Titanic "Unsinkable"

Everything you will love!

First fact of the titanic

The first fact of the titanic is that there is very large rooms! When you first go into your room you will be welcomed with wonderful coffee mugs. Then a sign hanging up on the wall saying FREE WIFI.

Second fact of the titanic

On the titanic there was a free buffet that carried very delicious deserts and the dinners at the really fancy restaurants where money but not the buffet. Also, the buffet had very good dinners also.

Third fact of the titanic

In the titanic there was very many floors there was about 10 floors and above that the open decks. There was 10 decks above the floors of the house.

Fourth fact of the titanic

In the titanic there was guards so nobody would get hurt. Also, there was doctors and a whole bunch of people to help you out. Everywhere you stepped on the titanic there was somebody to help you out and to find stuff.

The Fifth fact of the titanic

The fifth fact of the titanic is that the 3rd class tickets were 100 dollars when they used to be 100,000 dollars. They were very expensive. The titanic have put the tickets on a huge sale!

Accommodations for 1st class, 2nd class, 3rd class

In the first class you got a balcony and you got some really big rooms. Also, you got to be on the highest part of the boat. Also, you would be the first ones to get on the lifeboats first and you would be the ones who survive.

Second class got one big bed and one bunk bed and got a little below the main levels and had a lookout but not like a balcony.

3rd class got a tiny window to look through and was in the very bottom of the boat and had the best chance of dying because they were the lowest bedrooms. They still got to little beds and one bunk bed so they got a pretty good combination. But they didn't get it good on the surviving in the ship.