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Haiku deck

I liked Haiku deck because we got to share our dream jobs with the whole class. My dream job was being an architect. There were a lot of other cool jobs and a lot of jobs that were interesting.

Typing web

Typing web is very challenging and really makes you use your hand-eye coordination. I did not like it because it takes a lot of time and it is also not fun. But despite all of that it really helps you at spelling and typing,


The itrailer was fun because you got to make a itrailer on what you love to do what you love to do. I made mine on all my bikes, which I have over 10 bikes that I own. I thought it was fun sharing them because everybody laughs.


Goanimate was fun because you got to make cartoon people say funny things. I liked watching other peoples because you got to laugh and the other person was embarrassed.

explain everything

Explain everything was fun because you got to explain the math problem you chose. You got to explain the math problem like you were a teacher. I thought it was easier to explain something than notability.