IU is better than Purdue!!!

the best college ever!!!!

Come to Indiana Universtiy

If you are looking to go to a great college then go to Indiana University otherwise known as I.U. One of the great reasons to go to I.U. is that many people have graduated and have had a been able to get a very successful job. Another fact about I.U. is that they have a great business school, medical school, dental school and a law school.

Hey high schoolers

Hey high school juniors and seniors do you like to party? if so then you need to come to I.U. because are a party school. Also, if you love sports like football or basketball I.U. has one of the best basketball and football teams.

Purdue is a good school if you want to just go to college anywhere.

Purdue is ok if all you want is to go to college and get a degree. The campus is in the middle of a not very interesting town, it's not very cultured, not very scenic if you like to be outside and they are just ok at sports. So all there is to do at Purdue is study and wish you were going to IU. Don't get stuck wishing you were at IU make the right choice .