Alex Delgado Pd. 7/8

Section 1

Credit is the ability to borrow money in return for a promise of future payment every month or every year. Some forms of credit are credit loans, house loans,

school loans, personal loans, mortgage loans, and car loans. Some cost of associate with credit are credit cards, credit score, credit report, loans, house, car, school, and mortgage. The only way you will get credit is by using your credit card, the more you

use it the more credit you will get. You have to be creditworthiness towards your credit card and not get too carried away with it. You also have to pay an interest at the end of the month for the credit card bill. A lender can assist you along the way from the bank.

Section 3

A small plastic card issued to users as a system of payment, it can have a credit limit a penalty fee or a annual fee if you go over the line, while you interest rate may increase or decrease depending on the way you use your credit card. Some banks can have over the limit fee's which means they will have to decline your credit card. You can use your credit card anywhere mostly, from going shopping to pumping gas to your car, as well as any store you come upon yo can use the credit card. Then benefits of a credit card are you are to receive a bill at the end of the month will all the things you purchased from that month and have to pay it with cash, the more you use your credit card for good purposes the more the cost will go.

Section 4

The safest way to protect your credit card is to use it only ten times a year to protect your identity. Never use your credit card everyday, only for emergency purposes. If you lose your credit card contact your bank Immediately.