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at a Christian Science based school in Kenya

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Dear friend,

This August, I am planning to volunteer and study at a Christian Science based school “Dream Education Center (DEC)” in Kenya. It is located between two slums and serves 112 children from that area in Nairobi. During these three months, I am hoping to contribute, to learn from students and teachers, and also to share stories with you all. You can learn about my projects below.

As many of you may know, being a student of Christian Science and Education Studies means everything to me. I interned at Alton Middle School last year and grew so much from that experience. You can learn more about me as a teacher here.

With your financial support, I will be able to cover my travel expenses, school field trips, art supplies, books, computers, etc. I invite you to be part of this journey.

Can’t express enough gratitude and Love for you all,

Jamie Yu

Things I will be working on:

1. Creating an official school website.

This includes other content such as interviews, pictures, videos and stories. I will also be responsible for training a teacher to maintain the site.

2. Daily Mandarin Chinese class to all grades.

3. Professional Development Workshops for teachers at DEC.

The workshops will be designed with help from the Principia Education Department.

4. Establish a program for future volunteers.

5. Creating curriculum for the new computer lab.

This also includes teacher training and lesson planning.

6. Vegetable garden and hen farm (TBD)

7. Mini-festival at Parents’ day

We will be using theater games to create a play with students.

8. Swahili and journaling.

Yes. I will be learning Swahili and keeping a blog to share my journey with you all :)

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Important Note!!

All your contributions will be processed through E3 (Elevating Education Everywhere), a non-profit organization supporting Christian Science based schools all over the world.

Please write "Jamie at DEC" in the Note field on the donation form. After my internship, any left-over funds will be donated directly to the school to help them pay their rent and utilities.

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