Culture of Gabon


The officail langauge of Gabon is French. Nearly all of there publishings and broadcasting is french. and it is the commonly used word in the north fang is more common than french.
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as you can tell people in gabon also make gesters. like americans, a thums up means good and down means bad. a finger behind the thooth making a big click sound means a statement is true. and to hail a taxie they wave, palm down, from sholder to waist.
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gabon main religion is roman catholic. and going to church is a poppular occasion, esplesley for women and girls. in daily lives people mix local beliefs with cristianity.and all the main religions are protestenest,and muslium.
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the most frequnt holiday in gabon is cristian holidays. most of them are easter cristmas and all saints day.they also do jewish holidays like fin du ramadam.they also do new years eve and fete du travail.
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