Information Seeking

"What we find changes who we become." ~ Peter Morville

Where to start...

You were given a research project for class?! No Worries! I will give you some helpful hints to use while searching the web.


There are a ton of great places to start searching! Try different search engines, databases and even books to help you get information.

After You Develop that Thesis... It's Collection Time!

You need to start collecting data! Create a list of key words/ phrases that have to do with your thesis. This will help narrow your search down.

What to do while searching

Make sure you are using key words and phrases while searching. Below is a video that shows you how to use different searching techniques while using google.
Information Seeking Strategies

Keep Track of that Info!

As you collect information that you will use in your research project, be sure to keep track of where you got it from! Write those citations down for EVERY source that you use! This will make things easier when you have to fill in your Works Cited page on your final project.

Here is a video about other students and how they start searching for information.

the password to this video is: library

I changed the privacy on this video to help protect my students.

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