How To Be A Good Digital Citizen

And to have a positive digital footprint

Why It's Important To have A Good Digital Footprint

A digital footprint is like a digital file holding everything that you have done online. For example, if you have a bad digital footprint and you are trying to get a job and the person interviewing gets a hold of it, they have a greater chance of not taking you. If you have a positive digital footprint, and you are applying for a job they will have a better chance of taking you. A digital footprint can either give you a good reputation or a bad reputation that everyone can see and it can't removed.

How To protect Your Identity Online

Some ways to protect your identity online are things like don't give away your personal information online because people can find out where you live or your phone number. Another way to protect your personal information is to not talk to anybody that you don't know online because it could be a trick. Don't click on computer ads because they could be tricks hacking into your computer. If you are hacked, the person hacking you can get into your personal information or your bank card etc.. It's very important to protect your identity online.
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Pros of technology


  1. Communication
  2. School work
  3. Maps/G.P.S
  4. Research
  5. Entertainment
  6. Calculator

Cons Of Technology

  1. Cyber bullying
  2. Internet used in bad ways
  3. Cellphones used badly
  4. Could become distracting in class