Top 5 Hurricanes

by;Peyton ,Ana,Sydney,Layna,Ally

how to prepare

listen to radio or watch TV for news about the storm my hurricane was a category four

  • cover windows with hard wood
  • go to safe protected spot
  • do not argue keep calm and leave home if asked to

what is a hurricane?

a hurricane is a strong storm. with strong gusts of winds. and it is vary damp right now it is hurricane season. you should probable purpear. there is probably going to be a flood. hurricanes only happen by big seas. and thay only last abute a week

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storm surge

· what is a storm surge before the storm surge there is a lot of rain and wind.

· the storm surge is after the hurricane there is a storm surge the storm surge is when the ocean rises 1/20 feet above normal.

· The storm surge in Irma was 20 foot above a two story house


what happened after huricanes

  • roofs are missing
  • trees tipped
  • leaves allover the place
  • streets are flooded
  • broken windows and glass
  • power lines are broken
  • cars are under water

top 5 hurricanes\

Harvey, Katrina,Mathew, Irma,Andrew

hurricane mathew

603 people died and 132 were distorted. It was a category 5. To stay safe go to the highest level of your home and bored up the windows. Get all pet inside with you or In hurricane Mathew evacuate your home and out of the state or city. Have supply food and water with you at home.