Glasses that Reveal all the answers you need on any test.


These glasses will let you make a 100 on any and every test you take while you wear them. It shows you the right want wrong answers on every test. The Right answers will be highlight with Greean and the incorrect answers will be red. These glasses are not any different looking then perscription glasses of today.

Radiantors Home Store!

Our store provides many options for the customer. We have a wall full for free fittings of the Radiantors. We Will Give Our TIme To Make Your GPA Go UP. This location will be easy to axcess and will have a phone service to make a reservation for a free fitting of your own personal Radiators.

Free Radiantors Give Away

Wednesday, July 31st, 12-6:30pm

Times Square, New York, NY

New York, NY

Come to Time Square to claim a free pair of Radiantors.

The Golden Radiators

The $500 Radiantors are the biggest and baddest Radiantors that this company can offer.

They will make your GPA sky rocket. And it also can download Tv Shows to watch from the lenses when ever you feel like watching your favorite shows.

Radiantors Convention

Wednesday, Aug. 21st, 9pm to Friday, Aug. 23rd, 11pm

Mockingbird Ln

Dallas, TX

The Convention will have all of the products and the professionals that know everything about the product. The Radiantors will beshown on display and be for sale.