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New Consultant To Do List

LuLaRoe Team R.I.S.E.

Reach Inward, Seek Excellence = R.I.S.E.

We all have something amazing within us and I am here, as your sponsor, to help you develop a deep belief system that YOU CAN DO THIS! You can accomplish those dreams we talked about when you were exploring the business opportunity. We are going to do AMAZING things together! I just know it!!!

Things are about to get really good!

You're going to have lots of questions at first. I know I did!

You're going to have a lot of questions at first. I know I did! The best way to reach me for questions is on Voxer (a walkie talkie app for your phone). My user name is nfoss3673.

You can also send me IM, texts or emails, but Voxer is the quickest way to get a response.

I will be adding you to a few LuLaRoe groups on Facebook: Awesome Saucelette Queue Club and Team LuLaRoe Creators Queue Homework Club. Both groups will be great resources for you. Be sure to use the search function in each group to find answers to your questions (they've probably been asked and answered many times before).

If you have any other questions, please let me know! I am so excited to be on this journey with you. Thank you for being a part of my team and trusting me as your sponsor!

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30 Things You Can Do While You Are Waiting to Onboard

Complete one item each business day and you'll be set for a great start to your business!

  1. Set up your business email. Many consultants use Gmail. Please use the format lularoefirstlastname@ or lularoebusinessname@.
  2. Set up your YouTube Channel. If you use gmail, you can link it to your Gmail account. Here is an excellent article about increasing your subscribers and views on YouTube to help your business.
  3. Set up a business Instagram account. Read this article about the benefits of using Instragram to build your business. The preferred user name format is @lularoefirstlastname or @lularoebusinessname.
  4. Set up your Business Page on Facebook. Not sure you need a business page? Then read this article. Facebook gives us a free online advertisement page and you can link it to your Instagram account and post to both at the same time. You can also create a "call to action" button that will send people to your Facebook Group. You can leave this unpublished until you are ready to advertise. The preferred business page name format is LuLaRoe First Last Name or LuLaRoe Business Name.
  5. Create a Facebook VIP Shopping Group for your customers if you plan to sell online and create an online community. Typically you want this group set to closed and you can wait to add people until you are ready to advertise. LuLaRoe recommends a Group name that includes LuLaRoe and your first and last name or business name.
  6. If you plan to sell on Periscope, create a business Periscope profile. Periscope can be a great way to connect with new people and introduce them to your business. You may find this article helpful as you explore the benefits of Periscope, and this article has some good suggestions on how to use Periscope to build your brand. The recommend name format is @lularoefirstlastname or @lularoebusinessname.
  7. Register for UPS MyChoice and sign up for text alerts. This will allow you to easily track all of your packages from LuLaRoe.
  8. Figure out the best way to track your sales, business expenses, mileage, giveaways, etc. There are plenty of tools you can purchase, but honestly a simple Excel spreadsheet is all you need. You can get a free version on Excel by using OneDrive. Designate a place to store all your receipts and set aside time to do your bookkeeping each week!
  9. Meet with a tax accountant. Learn what business items you need to track for your tax return and how much you should set aside for taxes. Don't think you need (or can afford) a tax account? Read this and then you might understand why I am suggesting you spend the money to hire someone.
  10. Call your insurance agent and determine what type of coverage you need for your inventory and business (if applicable).
  11. Contact your City to see if you need a business license. Some may also require a tax license because we are charge sales tax. (If you run all your invoices through Audrey, LuLaRoe will remit the sales tax collected on your behalf.)
  12. Work on your business plan and set short-term and long-term goals. This can include ideal inventory levels for your goals, when to add new styles, how much to reinvest vs. paying yourself, number of pop-ups a week, etc.
  13. Make a list of 50 people you are going to contact to host a party once you onboard (in-person and online). This is part of the 72-hour game plan you will learn and grow to love!
  14. Make your guest list for your launch and consider if you will offer any promotions for your launch (swag bag, discount coupon for next purchase, drawings, etc.).
  15. Create your hostess packet. I send this letter my online hostesses and and another one that is slightly different for my in-home hostesses.
  16. Draft the text for your Facebook Events. This will include the event description and posts you want to share during the online event or to promote the in-home event. Gather photos from the Assets Box or create graphics to go along with all your event posts.
  17. Draft several posts, emails and texts to use at a later date to advertise your launch (in-home and online).
  18. If selling online, research shipping tools. USPS.com, Stamps.com, ShippingEasy.com, PayPal.com are all great options. You can use this link to try ShippingEasy.com for one month free! If you plan to use Shipping Easy, you will want to check out this knowledge database specifically for LuLaRoe Consultants.
  19. Look at your calendar for the next several months and decide when you would like to have pop-ups. Try to book 2-4 pop-ups in one day to maximize the effort/time of loading/unloading your car with all that inventory!
  20. Create a separate business PayPal or Square account. This can be used as a back-up for Audrey invoicing.
  21. Create a music playlist or Pandora station that you can play at pop-ups.
  22. Create signage for your in-home pop-ups with styles and prices.
  23. Figure out what you will use for your cash box. A cross-body purse works great for me.
  24. Research various tools you can use to sell online. Roewith.me and ShoptheRoe.com are popular tools that you can use (however, they are not endorsed by LuLaRoe). Sellit.social, LeafyPeach.com, and WhatDidISell.com are excellent tools to pull reports on your Facebook sales.
  25. Research tools you can use to schedule posts to Facebook and your other social media outlets. I use Cinchshare to schedule posts to my groups and events, but Hootsuite is another great tool.
  26. Research photo editing apps on your phone and computer. Some of my favorite iphone apps are A Color Story, Photofy, WordSwag, and a Beautiful Mess. My favorite tools on the computer are Canva.com and Picmonkey.com.
  27. Decide how you will display your merchandise for online sales. Take some practice shots to determine the best lighting, position, signage, and camera. Many consultants use their iphones, while others use point-and-shoot or DSLR cameras.
  28. Research fashion trends on Pinterest and follow some fashion bloggers on Instagram too!
  29. Work on a preliminary draft of your "opportunity letter" and "welcome to my team" letter.
  30. Contact the individuals on your 72-hour game plan about hosting a pop-up.
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LuLaRoe Fashion Fundamentals

LuLaRoe Fashion Fundamentals serves as a place to learn the fundamentals of your LuLaRoe business with the intent to provide clarity of purpose, to feel and share the LuLaRoe love, promote confidence, and teach you the how-to's. We want to keep you inspired and improving in your own lives, as well as helping you Bless the Lives and Strengthen the Families of those you serve.

You will find learning tools such as trainings, video presentations, styling tips, tutorials and many additional things to come! You will find some great content there now with new content being uploaded and added frequently! This new platform will give you the tools you need to continue on the path of success for your business and your T.E.A.M.


Password: FashionFun2017

Gather together, learn together and continue to be the best you with Fashion Fundamentals! Dive in, stay tuned and be ready to keep discovering ways to fulfill your WHY!

A Few Items You Need for Your Business, and Many Items that are Optional

There are so many things you CAN purchase for your business, but that doesn't mean you HAVE TO purchase them all. Many of these items you can find on Amazon, but be smart and shop around. There are lots of good deals out there!

  1. Business Cards: LuLaRoe Custom has an excellent selection of business cards and other promotional materials. If you choose to create your own marketing materials, you must use approved colors and fonts. See the Branding Guide for more details.
  2. Thank You Cards: You can purchase inexpensive blank cards from the store, or pre-print Thank You cards with your business information and exchange policy. I like to include these with my shipments and in the shopping bags at pop-ups. You can find graphics for the Thank You cards in the Assets Box. Then order them as 4x6 photos at Costco, or on card stock from VistaPrint.
  3. Hangers: I prefer these dress hangers and skirt hangers, but shop around for the best deals. Costco also carries the velvet dress hangers.
  4. Racks: I prefer these racks for pop-ups because they are easy to set up and take down. For home storage, the z-racks are best and very, very sturdy (single or double).
  5. Dress Form: You will want to use this for photos, displays at pop-ups and in the background when doing videos.
  6. Light Set: If you plan to sell online or share pictures of inventory on social media, I highly suggest you invest in some lighting. This Softbox set is my favorite, but if that's a little high for your budget, the Light Studio Set works great too! You'll want to order an extra umbrella for the third light.
  7. Tripod: Mounting your camera on a tripod will save you tons of time and your pictures will look better with a consistent angle.
  8. Bluetooth Clicker: Another time saver if you plan to use your iphone to take pictures!
  9. Backdrop: A solid colored wall makes a great backdrop, but if you don't have a wall that works, you can find some affordable backdrops on Amazon. Some of the paper backdrops works great when you are just getting started.
  10. Totes or Bags: You will want something sturdy transport inventory. Some people like the bags, others like totes. Find what works best for you.
  11. Full sized mirror: Great for in-home pop-ups and personal shopping appointments.
  12. Portable speaker: Music at a pop-up is crucial. Keep the party lively by playing some fun music. This speaker works great and is blue tooth compatible (even better)!
  13. Priority Mailers: Create an online account with USPS and order as many Flat Rate Bubble Mailers, Medium Flat Rate Boxes and Large Flat Rate Boxes as you can! The limit is 100 on the bubble mailers, and I usually order batches of 25 of the boxes. They are free from the USPS, but they don't always arrive promptly, so don't delay!
  14. Poly Mailers: You will need these if you plan to mail anything First Class (cheaper than priority shipping). Shop around for the best prices, colors and prints. I prefer the 10"x13" size.
  15. Mailing Labels: If you have a printer, you can start with these. If your budget affords it, I suggest purchasing the Dymo 4XL Thermal Printer and labels. It will save you money in the long run! Watch the ads for office supply stores because they go on sale regularly.
  16. Signage: Purchase or create a sign that you can use in the background of your photos. I recommend including as much info in your photo so you don't have to edit later: your name, style, size (price could be optional).
  17. Storage displays: You may want to purchase something to display your leggings at pop-ups and other vendor events. Some people use large plastic totes. Others prefer wood milk crates or wire baskets.

Video Resources

The following videos will also be helpful as you wait in the Queue and prepare for Onboarding.

Ashley Rae also created a great set of video tutorials, which are posted in the files section of the Awesome Saucelettes Group. You'll be able to access the link once you are approved to that group.

What am I Becoming? The Power of Personal Development!

To have more than you've got, become more than you are.

This is where you should focus most of your attention. Most of what you have today you have attracted by becoming the person you are right now. Unless you change how you are, you'll always have what you've got.

So what's the point of all of this gibberish? Personal development is critical to the growth of your business. Invest in yourself and you will be a better, stronger person, business owner, and leader.

There are a few books that we recommend to help us learn the culture of LuLaRoe and build our businesses. Here are the few that I suggest you take the time to read and study.

  1. The Go-Giver
  2. The Power of Ted
  3. Eat That Frog!
  4. Go Pro
  5. Leaders Eat Last
  6. Starts with Why