The addicting game played by millions!

The many aspects of Minecraft...

Minecraft is a game of skill and creativity. It allows you to bring out your inner architect, while still satisfying the puzzle-solving, danger-loving part of any gamer. With survival mode, you can enjoy exploring the lush landscapes of your world and enjoy mining in the prosperous but perilous caves below. Try to get chests full of valuable diamonds and emeralds, or live in style in a giant mansion. Creative mode can bring out the builder in you, allowing you to build anything from a complicated electric computer to castles fit for a hundred kings. Whatever your style, Minecraft is the game for you!

How do I get it?

To get Minecraft, go to www.minecraft.net, and click register in the menu bar. Make sure that your log-in and password are the ones you want! After your Minecraft account is running, click the large, orange Buy Now button on the home page. The game does cost $26.00, but it's worth it for the hours of fun you'll have with the game!

First Minecraft Release!

Sunday, May 17th 2009 at 9pm

This is an online event.

This is the date of the first Minecraft release for the PC.


Minecraft is constantly being improved by the company Mojang, which means the earlier you join, the more stuff you'll see! In previous updates, they've added things like carrots and potatoes, villager trading and emeralds, as well as various new biomes, such as the jungle. Minecraft has come a long way from its Alpha version in 2008, where TNT cacti weren't even in the game yet! The current version is 1.4.7- 1.5 was announced to be released early March of 2013.