Angel's Newsletter

September 2020

Dear Angel Families,

We've completed our first week of Catholic Online Synchronous Learning and students did great! Our teachers and staff were able to test out the systems with minimal expected technical issues and students were able to become familiar with the various platforms we are using. Our teachers are working very hard to become proficient in juggling Zoom, Google Classroom, online textbooks, and other resources simultaneously. They are doing a great job and we are confident it will only improve each day. I was delighted to see our students happy faces this week and I was amazed at our awesome middle school. They quickly adapted to our new way of learning and seemed very happy to be back to school. Good job Angels! Keep up the positive vibes.

Thank you parents for your ongoing efforts and support during this time. As I've said before, we will get through this together.

Don't Forget

Ensure students get plenty of rest and a nutritious breakfast in the morning before school begins. We encourage every student to have an environment that promotes optimal learning. Parents can help their child succeed with that environment by doing the following:

  • Designate a quiet space for your student to work in
  • Eliminate distractions, including turning off extra devices
  • Follow the class schedule
  • Have all supplies that are necessary to learn prior to class
  • Set a nightly routine to be ready for school the next morning, charging their electronic device, etc.
  • Utilize the extra resources available for assistance (any tutoring or office hours provided by teachers)
  • Keep an open line of communication with teachers

God Bless you and your family this week and remember, God is always with us.


Mrs. C

Zoom Class Etiquette & Reminders

Parents please help your students remain on mute during class time. We have many students that are not muted and Zoom classrooms are picking up the background noise. This is very distracting and difficult for other students in the class to concentrate. Thank you for your assistance as we improve our virtual classrooms.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This is a reminder that Zoom classes are virtual classrooms and should be treated as a classroom by parents and students alike. It has come to my attention that some parents across various grade levels are using this class time to ask teachers questions that do not pertain to the lesson. Some are also voicing concerns during the live Zoom class. This is not the time or place to discuss concerns as we need to provide a classroom setting conducive to learning for all of our students. If you have a concern, suggestion, or question that is not pertaining to the class lesson I ask that you email the teacher or myself directly. We need to remember that we have to treat these classes as if we were on campus. Just as we would not allow parents to walk into a classroom and ask a question or state a concern during instruction if we were in our actual classrooms, the same protocol should be followed in live Zoom classes. We are attempting to ensure that all students and teachers have the best environment and best experience during this difficult time. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, I ask for your patience during this time, and trust that our Lord will allow us to grow together as a school family. This pandemic will definitely make us all stronger!

Parent/Student Handbook


A. Appointments

1. Parents are encouraged to contact teachers regarding their child’s spiritual, academic, disciplinary, or social progress as the need arises. Parents/Guardians wishing to make an appointment with teachers or principal should call the office at least one day in advance. Teachers will contact the parents to confirm the day and time of the appointment. Teachers are not available for appointments during the hours 7:45 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.

Appointments with the principal should be made during the hours of 8:00 am to 3:30 pm. If the principal is unavailable to receive the call, a message will be taken, and he/she will return the call.

Reminder: The office is open 8 am-4 pm by appointment only unless you are instructed by a teacher or staff to pick up materials.

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Google Resources

Dates to Remember


4- Minimum Day, 12 Noon Dismissal, Faculty Meeting


9- BACK-TO- SCHOOL -NIGHT TK/K-8th, 6:30-8:30 pm via Zoom

11- Peace Prayer Service @ 2:00 pm (In Class Service)

17- First Mandatory Parent Zoom Meeting @ 7:00pm

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School

"Our lady of Perpetual Help, Pray for us and Bless our School"