The Ridgeline Regiment Review #5

August 14th, 2022


Marching Band Camp Is Here

We hope you are excited to try something new or to rejoin your friends and peers for this year's camp. It is absolutely awesome to have so much already ready for you. A few things might be a little messy at first, but overall I hope your first impression is that your staff and leadership is prepared and ready to help you get going.

Student leaders were hard at work on Friday last week getting strategies and ideas going to help make the start of camp a lot of fun. Parents we have Captains for every group: colorguard, percussion, woodwinds and brass. And every captain has a handful of other students all trained to help families be informed, to offer reminders and wisdom from experience, and most importantly to be positive and and advocate for their peers. Be on the look out for upcoming or ongoing communication from student leaders throughout camp.

Here is who should report, where and when:

ALL PERCUSSION, 1pm meet in the ZONE with Nate and Madi.

arrive early enough so you can move gear


BRASS and WOODWIND ROOKIES, if you did not march with the Regiment last season - this is you! We will meet in the THEATRE at 1pm.

LEADERSHIP, join your section at 1pm. Be greaters from 12:45pm until we meet. Drum Majors, with Brass and Woodwinds Monday.

There is a lot to go over. We want students and families to know that we plan to keep you busy through the whole camp. Please make every effort to use the open morning schedule to get doctor appointments, and other errands done. We really can't move forward without everyone. If we teach something Tuesday and someone isn't there to receive instructions; we get to re-teach it Wednesday.

At the end of the newsletter is another review of what to bring. We will have sheet music for brass and woodwind players this first time. But after day one, if you lose it - go to the Google Classroom and reprint. I highly encourage you to reprint a DOT CARD and SHOW MUSIC now.


We will be hosting our first annual MB Camp Overnighter this Thursday night. There will a lot of information that goes out Tuesday. For now, plan on arriving at 8am Thursday this week, and going home Friday before 5pm. We will take care of Lunch and Dinner on Thursday, and Breakfast and Lunch on Friday. PARENTS we could use your help with services, just reach out to Brian German at

Also a final reminder of the invaluable information to get Final Forms completed can be found below. Review the CONFIRMED STUDENT ROSTER, it has information if you or your student has an eligible PHYSICIANS PHYSICAL. You cannot attend camp with Final Forms and your PHYSICAL! Percussion and Colorguard students, remember you are registering for CO-ED MARCHING BAND.

Happy reading!


SWX Television Crew Monday, 10am - 12pm

SWX Television will be at Ridgeline HS to get footage of our band for an upcoming title sequence for their weekly, Friday Night Sports program. This show airs for about a half hour every Friday night and is a collection of game packages, film footage of the Inland Northwest football games. Ridgeline Regiment and our Cheerleaders are going to be the subject of the weekly title sequence.


Sign up on the BAND app that you will volunteer a couple hours that morning. Wear what every Ridgeline Swag you have and we are going to set up a mini-rehearsal so they can get us in action. There will be close ups, slo-mos, drone shots, the works! If they throw a camera in your face, go wild - they probably want som HYPE. If you don't want to be HYPE but you want to be in the filming, you can also come and just be a part of the big wide shots they get and such.

We will start at 10am in the stadium most likely and finish before noon. You can leave or stay for lunch before camp starts at 1pm.




We have three steps to become eligible for our members in the marching band.


Complete the April Registration Process which you likely did if you are receiving this. We have a confirmation list, but we know who the 100 students are that are marching. CONFIRMED STUDENTS

Get an updated Physicians Sports Physical signed. A sports physical is good for 2 years in the CVSD. However, you cannot join the marching band until you have one on file that will be good through November 1st, 2022. This CONFIRMED LIST does include student Physical Status. If your name is in red, you will need a physical updated before you can come to camp. If your name is in yellow, we are looking in to an issue with your status. If you have a question about your status, email Lori Wilson, our activities coordinator won't be back in the office for a bit, but an email and some patience should get your questions answered.


bring this to have your physician sign PHYSICIANS PHYSICAL FORM (CVSD)

  • Like sports, students need insurance, a current physical that will NOT expire before the season is over and all forms must have a parent/guardian and student digital signature.

  • If you cannot upload your physical in a PDF document , please bring an actual copy to the RHS main office (M-TH 8am-1pm). If you bring in the physical we will make a copy for our records and give you back the original for your records.

  • Those who registered for summer camp (colorguard/percussion) thinking that is good for MB: IT IS NOT. August 1st is a new school year and a new registration year.

Complete a NEW Final Forms for the 2022-2023 school year. Final Forms will go live on August 1st. You need to re-do from last year (even colorguard and percussion) all of the medical treatment forms, listing allergies, and giving us permission to treat in the unfortunate case of any injuries or accidents that require medical attention immediately. Here is the link: FINAL FORMS (again it will not go live until August 1st).

BIRD SET FREE - the 2022 Regiment Production

One of the best parts of marching band is the freedom to work with composers and designers from our local arts community and even with people from the broader region of artists. We loved starting off last year by celebrating the opening of Ridgeline HS with "Green With Envy." It was as mysterious and exciting as opening a new high school would come to be. Every year we get to tell a new story, with the choices to honor our student cast members and the community at large with not just excellence but something that celebrates that which is nearest and dearest to our collective hearts!

This year we celebrate what it means to take flight and become birds. We will transform stadiums across the Pacific Northwest this fall with eclectic music, vibrant colors and stages to show the majesty, mischief and thrill as we journey together, learning to fly.

Ultimately this is our first swan song to building our Ridgeline Heritage. For the first time in our school's history, students will graduate! We think about the incredible journey, the joys and perils of these last four years for the class of 2023. All they have learned and endured. These remarkable young people, and their families and friends can hold their breathe with every second as the Ridgeline Regiment helps celebrate and honor all of our students as they grow and flourish:

like a Bird Set Free!



1 - insulated water jug (1 gallon recommended, fewer stops at crowded refill stations)

1 - 1" or 1 1/2" white three-ringed binder with 10 - 12 plastic sheet holders

1 - set of printed show music, available soon

1 - black towel (hand towel size, appox.16" x 28")

1 - tuning app on your cell phone (recommended, Tonal Energy - worth the small fee)

sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and great tennis shoes


1 - insulated water jug (1 gallon recommended, fewer stops at crowded refill stations)

1 - 1" or 1 1/2" white three-ring binder with 10 - 12 plastic sheet holders

5 - reeds of your choice in strength (mark your reeds; M, T, W, TH, F - they will last forever if rotated)

1 - tuning app on your cell phone (recommended, Tonal Energy - worth the small fee)

sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and great tennis shoes


1 - insulated water jug (1 gallon recommended, fewer stops at crowded refill stations)

2 - rolls of electrical tape for flag taping throughout the year (check with coaches for colors)

1 - playlist on your cell phone of each movement of the show music in mp3 form (coming soon)

sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and great tennis shoes


1 - insulated water jug (1 gallon recommended, fewer stops at crowded refill stations)

1 or 2 - rolls of white electrical tape for mallet/stick taping throughout the year

1 - metronome app on your cell phone (recommended, Tonal Energy - worth the small fee)

1 - pair of hearing protection, EVERYDAY

sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and great tennis shoes


We have two awesome parents who started our Falcon Couture committee: Kristina Kripaitis and Tiffany Thompson. They will fit all brass, woodwind, and percussion students for uniforms during the second week of camp, before the 1pm start.

Please be on time and note that if your sections assigned time for fitting doesn't work; they do have a make-up time slot.


11:00am - 11:45am, Trumpet and Mellophones (11)

11:45am - 12:30pm, Baritones and Sousaphones (7)


11:00am - 11:45am, Flutes and Clarinets (13)

11:45am - 12:30pm, Saxophones (10)


11:00am - 11:45am, Snares, Tenors and Bass Drums (12)

11:45am - 12:30pm, Front Ensemble (13)


11:30am - 12:30pm, Make Ups if you couldn't make your assigned time



We of course have the four meals this week for the band overnighter, again reach our to Brian German ( and get involved.

We had a fantastic start to prop building a few weeks ago. Be on the lookout in the coming days for a sign up to solicit your help to paint some lumber. It's easy. It all gets painted black. ZERO SKILL required. We really appreciate the families that came to get us started, join us again or try something new and get going with our panting party. STAY TUNED.