Supercharged Newsletters

This is what Smore is all about.

What are supercharged newsletters?

At Smore we have two main goals:

  1. Bringing beautiful web design to the masses.
  2. Helping you get as many visits as possible to your newsletters!

To help with #2, you now have the option to set your newsletter as supercharged!

Supercharged newsletters are optimized to get as many visitors as possible, and we're improving this functionality all the time :)

We help you spread the word!

Supercharged newsletters have an extra box at the bottom right of the screen. Whenever a visitor shows up and scrolls down, the box will pop open (not in an intrusive way) and ask the visitor to help you spread the word by sharing! This personalized request often helps increase the number of visitors.

We're adding more stuff all the time.

Come back here to check it out. Send us feedback or add some comments below to let us know what cool features we should add to help you guys get some traffic!

How do you turn it off?

If you want your newsletter to be more private, or you just don't want the supercharged goodness:

  1. Go to your newsletter.
  2. On the bottom right, click Settings.
  3. Change the setting from Super to Public or even Unlisted if you want your newsletter to be hidden.

That's it!