budgeting project

by: Jacqlynn Powell


I attend the Paul Mitchell School in Dallas to get my cosmetology license .


I am employed at the salon below:


salary: 22,500

Location: Dallas, TX


I will be driving a 2008 Chevrolet trail blazer. It cost me $10,599 and monthly payment will be $176.65 for 5 years


I will live in an apartment in Dallas called Uptown Apartment complex. My monthly payment is $1100.

Living Expenses

My energy company is Stream and my average monthly cost is $50 per month.

My water company is city of Dallas and I pay $60 a month.

My Internet cost $75 per month for a bundle of Internet/phone/cable.

My Home insurance is through State Farm and I am covered for fire, theft, flood, and natural disaster. this me $1,285.

My living expenses are $203.66

Family Expenses

My health insurance is through Cigna and it costs $230 per month.