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September 23, 2021

Schedule Changes and Attendance Updates

Dear Shawnee Community,

In addition to a building full of students and staff members, this school year has brought changes to our schedule.

Attendance and Lates to School

In addition to a new start and end time, we have a new attendance and late policy.

The student handbook details the new "late to school" policy as part of the behavioral guidelines (page 18). There are four levels of lates, based on the time of student arrival. Students who accumulate lates are subject to discipline. Additionally, please note that each level of lateness carries its own set of discipline; any student who arrives, unexcused, after 7:46AM will receive a detention on the first offense.

All parent notes are subject to review by the Principal. They will be accepted to excuse students from school in the event of family emergencies. Students will not be excused, however, for vacations.

Before School Procedures

  • Prior to 7:15AM, all students must enter via the Gym or Cafeteria entrances.
  • At 7:15AM, the main office entrance opens for students, and students are released from large holding areas.
  • Any student who arrives after 7:30AM must enter through the main office. Students who arrive after this time will be marked late for school.

Renegade Round Up

We are pleased with the feedback from our students regarding our first Renegade RoundUp. Our second meeting will take place on Friday, September 24th. This time, our groups will meet in the morning after their first period class. In an effort to introduce and promote all that our school has to offer, students will discuss the clubs and activities available at Shawnee. Then, later that day during Community Lunch and Learn, students will have the opportunity to attend an Activity Fair in our gym to meet with peers and learn more about our clubs and activities.

Back to School Night - October 7th at 7pm

We are returning to an in-person Back to School Night this year. To alleviate over-crowding in our halls and classrooms, we would greatly appreciate your support by sending just one member per household (per student).

Please continue to screen for Covid-19 symptoms.

Students should not attend school if they do not feel well. It remains paramount for everyone in the building to wear properly fitting masks that cover one's nose and mouth. Students who are unvaccinated or do not wear properly fitting masks will need to quarantine if deemed a close-contact.

As always, it takes all of us to provide the best educational experience for our students. Thank you for your continued commitment to our school and community. Please see the icons below for additional links and information.

Thank you,

Matthew Campbell

Additional Notes and Links

  • The school day runs from 7:30 AM - 2:27 PM.

  • Please note the corresponding bell schedule.

  • Proper mask wearing is an essential part of keeping students in school. Masks must cover one's nose and mouth.

  • The lunch menu is available online.

  • All students have access to a free breakfast and lunch in the building.

  • Juniors with a license are now eligible to apply for parking.

  • Students can visit the counseling center to learn about colleges coming to visit our school.

  • Visit our school's official Twitter account to learn more about upcoming club meetings!
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