Elm Class Update

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Making Art

This week we starting working with clay.

We explored the many ways we can shape and change this material with Sara.

Students then practiced working with clay. We added a little water when it looked too dry, and made various shapes.

Next week, we will save our work and build sculptures.

Reading this Week

We continued to name and practice reading strategies as we work with more complex books. This week we thought about the characters and setting before we read. Students listed words that they might read in the book to get their brains ready. As we read, we noticed when read the words from our list.

At home you can work on this skill by talking about the book before you read. Ask your child:

What do you know about this topic?

What do you know about this character?

When does this book take place?

What words might we read?

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How Many Shoes Are In Your Family?

Elm Class explored doubles this week by investigating how many shoes are in their family. Later on in the week, we explored how many shoes are in the Elm Class! This was quite the mystery. The investigation continues!


We are working on conceptualizing doubles by using the arithmetic rack (rekenrek). Questions we're thinking about: How does knowing 10 + 10 help you figure out 9 + 9?

Things to Try at Home

Find things in your home that come in pairs.

Consider how many wheels there are on 3 cars? How could you show this? Is there a doubles fact that could also represent your work?


This week in writing, we continued looking for ways to make our stories stronger by picking places where we could add more details. Our writing partners helped us identify parts in our stories where we could tell more.


In first grade we're doing a community study. We've started by studying our classroom community and our school community. We'd like to talk more about what communities we belong to outside of school!

Assignment to be completed by Tuesday, April 28th:

Today we sent home an assignment and a little bag of cards for your child to fill-out.They will use the cards to record communities that they are a part of answering the question: What communities is your family a part of?

On Wednesday we will then be putting all these cards together in a nesting chart to show all the communities we're a part of. Exciting!

Birthday Celebration

Thank you for supporting us in celebrating March and April birthdays.

The Elm Class had a great time!

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