By lauren Burroughs



How did this spread?

This idea originally spread through Confucius and his followers traveling throughout China sharing his ideas. His ideas gained popularity amount later emperors in China, they used and spread his philosophy through their empire. Confucianism spread to Japan from China then gained popularity in Korea and Vietnam.

Where is this most influential?



About 6 million

Monotheistic to polytheistic

Confucianism does not have a specific god or gods that they worship. Followers don't see this Asa. Religion but more as a set of ideas.


They have no certain deity.

Founder and time

Kong Qiu founded this set of ideas around 500 B.C.

Holy books

The Analects

Organization of religious leaders

Because this is not a religion they do not have religious leaders.


The beliefs of Confucianism followers are off of Confucius's teachings of good ethics. There are 5 virtues that Confucius taught:

  1. The first virtue is Ren, which is compassion for other
  2. The second virtue is Yi. Which is honesty
  3. The third virtue is Li, which is being well behaved
  4. The fourth virtue is Zhi, which is wisdom
  5. The fifth virtue is Xin, which is sincerity


Confucianism split into 8 different sects, or schools after his death:

  1. Menicus

  2. Xunzi

  3. Dong Zhongshu

  4. Song

  5. MIng

  6. Korean

  7. Quing
  8. Modern