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The Amazon Rainforest Helps YOU!

  • This rainforest contains 90-140 billion tons of carbon.
  • Carbon helps to stabilize global and local climates.
  • When rainforests are destroyed, it sends copious amounts of carbon into the atmosphere.
  • This can then cause catastrophic consequences all over the globe.


  • Logging
- Selective logging does not save rainforests

- Heavy machinery destroys large portions of the rainforest for those selected logs

  • Fuel Wood
- 1.5 to 2 billion people use wood excessively for cooking and heating

- Forests are over-cut because there has to be enough wood to supply these people

  • Agriculture
- Cash crops are planted only to make money

- Farmers do not care for the land properly

- The land is stripped of nutrients and becomes barren

  • Tourism
- Government does not preserve the forests properly

- They clear areas to build roads

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Inhabitants of the Amazon

  • 30 million people, including 350 indigenous ethnic groups, depend on the Amazon for agriculture, food, shelter, clothing, and medicine.
  • Without the Amazon Rainforest, these groups of people will be without a home and will be forced to relocate.

Amazonian Species

  • Millions of species call the amazon their home.
  • One in ten species on the Earth in found in the Amazon.
  • This includes: 40,000 plant species, 3,000 fresh water species of fish, and over 370 different types of reptiles.
  • For many animals, like the jaguar, pink dolphin, and thousands of different types of birds and butterflies, the Amazon Rainforest is a last refuge
  • Without their habit, millions of species could become extinct.

Every year, the Amazon Rainforest loses forested areas the size of Delaware.

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How can YOU help?

  • Buy local grown crops and sustainable foods
  • Recycle all paper and buy environmentally friendly paper
  • Eat less red meat
  • Do a fundraiser to help save the rainforest and donate the money to an organization such as World Wild Life
  • Avoid buying furniture that is made of threatened woods from the rainforest such as mahogany and ebony
  • Adopt an Acre for $5
  • For for ideas, visit www.worldwildlife.org