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4.9 - Acidification Lab & 2 gases

Two Gases

Purpose: to collect and compare the gases produced by the reaction of sulfuric acid with both pure magnesium and magnesium carbonate.

Magnesium Carbonate Acid - Carbon Dioxide

-dense gas (sinks)

-when upright, gas can't escape and flame goes out

-when inverted, gas escapes, so the flame continues to burn

Magnesium Acid - Hydrogen

-light gas (rises)

-when upright, gas escapes and flame continues

-when inverted, gas can't escape, so when flame goes in there is an explosion

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Why it "pops"

hydrogen ignites and rushes out of the test tube. Rubs against glass and causes friction, so the energy must go somewhere (sound)

Experimental errors

-not waiting 30 seconds

-unstopper before inverting

-breaks surface of water with test tube

-does not collect full test tube of gas

-air bubbble in test tube

-stoppers not tight

-not keeping test tubes vertical



-soft, porus (holds water)

-water soluble -> carbonic acid

-Sink holes are common in Florida becasue of lots of limestone underground and was covered by ocean in the past

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Sulfuric Acid

-Discovered in 8th century by Alchemists (Alchemy -> chemistry)


  • Lead Acid batteries (cars)
  • fertilizers
  • steel industry - prevents rust corrosion
  • dried fruit production (hydrotropic)

Gases dissolved in our atmosphere

carbon dioxide

sulfur dioxide

hydrogen chloride

(all create acidic solution)

carbonic acid -> dissolved carbon dioxide

sulfur dioxide -> "acid rain" ----> (kills forest, pollutes water such as riveres lakes and ponds)

  • volcanos
  • industrial polution
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Phenol Red

ph indicator

red: basic

clear: acidic

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Acidification Post lab general

-phenol red chages color if you add carbon dioxide into water

-the carbon dioxide turns to carbonic acid lowering the ph of the water

-the calcium tablet is more soluble in cup with straw

-this is because the carbonic acid lowers ph and dissolves calcium faster


-not enough phenol red in water

-do not bubble water long enough

-both cups do not have same amount of water