The loggers wanting the Rainforest


The loggers

The Loggers have been here for a long time, since about the 1960's maybe not as long as the other people but yet they have a purpose to be in the rainforest. The loggers want to be able to cut down the tree's to help Brazil's economy. When they cut down thee tree's they make a lot more jobs for people who can't get other jobs. Another problem when they are cutting down trees is that they are destroying habitats for the animals and they are also destroying the rainforest.

Some interesting facts about the loggers

Some positive things about the loggers are that when they do cut down the trees they are making a lot of new jobs for people in Brazil that can't get one. They also are helping Brazil's economy. The wood that gets cut down from the loggers go and get turned into furnisher and paper. The loggers want to keep clear cutting which means that all of the trees in a harvested area all get cut down.