Stuff I Want to Do

By Kersten Hester

#1- Hog Hunt from a Helicopter

I would like to go hog hunting with my dad in West Texas during spring break.. We would be driving there and would probably meet my Uncle Lane, who lives in Dallas, there.Once there we would board the helicopter and start flying. I would be flying over hills and grassland and be able to see for miles around me.The helicopter would be making wind that would be moving the grass and dirt on the ground and that would be physical weathering. After shooting all of the hogs we would most likely drive in our Kabota to go and pick them up and than skin them. After we skinned the hogs we would take them down to South Texas with us because there are these Cajuns down there that will cook anything.
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HeliHunter - The Best Helicopter Hog Hunting Video Ever!!!!!!

#2- Elk Hunting

I want to go elk hunting with my dad in southwestern Montana in hunting region 3. In Montana there is lots of snow so that would be one cause of erosion. The wind blowing the snow would be another cause of erosion.They are both types of physical weathering. We would probably drive up to Montana and see all of the leaves change color because it would be in the middle of October. My dad has promised me for years that he would take me elk hunting for my birthday and I'm really excited to go. I hope we get to stay at the Broken Arrow Lodge and Outfitters.
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#3- Go Horseback Hunting in Alaska

I would go hunting in Alaska with my dad and brother, Travis. We fly to Seattle, Washington and than get on a smaller aircraft to take us to Alaska. We would have to have sent our guns and other equipment that we couldn't take on the plan ahead of us to the cabin. The day after our flight we would rent the horses and start packing all of our gear on the horses. In Alaska there is glaciers that carved out part of the land and there is also a lot of snow. It sometimes can snow in the summer. Snow and ice are two causes of physical weathering. After we are done hunting we would probably go back to the cabin and relax there.
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Colorado Elk and Deer Horseback

#4- Travel to the Outback

I want to go to the outback in Australia with my best friends. We would travel by plane and land in Sydney. Then we would get in jeeps to take us to the outback. I would want to go hiking up Uluru rock. The wind would probably be blowing the sand around and that is one cause of physical weathering. Also while I am in the outback I want to find two kangaroos and race them and learn how to throw a boomerang.
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The Australian Outback

#5- Have a Giant Snowball Fight in Russia

I would like to travel to Russia during late winter with a bunch of friends and have a giant snowball fight there. We would fly to Seoul and then stay at a hotel there. We would wait until a snow storm passed then go outside and have a huge snowball fight. We would probably have to drive a little to find a open field. With all of the snow and wind (which is two causes of physical weathering) we could have the best snowball fight ever. After the fight we would go back to the hotel and drink hot chocolate in the hot tub.