Cave of Crystals

Location: Naica, Mexico

5 facts about Cuevo de los Cristales

  1. The main chamber of the cave contains the giant Selenite Crystals.
  2. The largest crystal that was found so far is 39 ft. in length and 13ft in width. It is 55 tons in weight! Wow!
  3. The cave of crystals is a horseshoe shaped cavity in limestone. The entire floor is covered in perfectly faced crystalline blocks.
  4. In order to survive the extreme temperature and humid conditions the scientific team coordinated by Paolo Fori created their own refridgerated suits and breathing systems.
  5. Without water the crystals are threatened, when the cave was filled, water helped support and preserve the beams. With the cave empty and open to air they may bend or crack because of their own weight and become dull.


You can get a tour from the cave of crystals experts. you can ask questions and get pictures taken as you stand next to the biggest crystals you may ever see.
Weird Places: Mexico's Giant Crystal Cave