Elements name: Platinum

General Information

Platinum is in group 10 period 6. It has 78 protons, 78 electrons, and 117 neutrons. It is a transition metal.

Physical Properties

Platinum is a solid at room temperature. It has a metallic luster. Its both ductile and malleable. the color is a silver, grayish, white. Platinum's density is 21.45 g/cm3. The melting point is 1772.0 c, 3221.6 f. the boiling point is 3827.0 C, 6920.6 F. The hardness is 14-19. Platinum's flame test color is red.

The uses of Platinum

Laboratory tongs funnels, combustion boats. It is used to make jewelry. Platinum is also used to make catalytic converters for cars. It can be used in extremely strong permanent magnets. Platinum is used in photography etching, plating, and as catalysts.

Facts about platinum

Platinum's name comes from the spanish word 'platina' meaning little silver. Platinum is considered to be non-toxic. An alloy of platinum and cobalt is used to produce strong permanent magnets. Platinum is and extremely rare metal and can be found uncombined in allurial deposits often accompanied by small amounts of other platinum family metals. The cost for pure platinum is $13000 per 100g. Plantinum is very strong, its often called "the king of metals" its nearly twice the weight of gold. Its not very easy to scratch because its so heavy and strong.

Platintasticas powers

Platinum's very dense so it would use its shield to deflect bullets. Shes good with romatic types of deals she can use her powers to make jewlery when people get married. Platinum doesn't need oxygen so she could get through tough missions underwater. She also has super human strength because she is so strong.
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