john cabot

By: Payton Ditta

John Cabot

He was born in Italy and moved to England with his family. is first voyage was in 1497.

Who John Sailed for

Cabot sailed for King Henry IIV of England. He ruled England for 24 years until he died,
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Routes Taken

Cabots first voyage was from England to Canada. When he arrived he thought he was in Asia. he left on May 2nd in 1487
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places discovered

Cabot discovered canada but he thought it was Asia. so claiming north America to england.
John Cabot - Mini Biography

Amazing feats

Cabot was the first European to find Canada and on his second voyage he hit north america and brought back some animals and plants they they had never seen.
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John was a little stuck up and greedy and didn't want to help Columbus because he wanted the fame. he didn't want to share it with someone else.

purpose of voyage

his purpose of his voyage was to get to Asia and wanted to get some riches.


his outcome was that he made it to Canada/north america and was the first European to make it there

significant events

he was taught cartography, navigation, astronomy and seamanship at a early age.
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