The Awesome Story Of The Taj Mahal

By: Dylan Morrill

How Much Did This Thing Costs ?

Have you ever thought about your burial prices?Shah Jahan did and he still did not pay them.His wife was to important to him to be buried in the ground so he made the Taj Mahal. This is a mosoleim in fact the biggest one on earth.

The Taj Mahal Is The Name Of A Woman ?

Did you know that before becoming one of the worlds most beautiful buildings,the Taj Mahal was the name of a woman.This woman's name was Ayumand Banu Begum.Begum is a name for a muslim woman with a high social rank.This woman was Shah Jahan's favorite wife.She was also his third wife.

How Was The Taj Mahal Built ?

The Taj Mahal rises to the height of 108 feet if that's not huge then nothing is.It is made fully from white marble.At the top of the entire building stands a large onion shaped dome.This dome is supported by a tall drum.At each corner of the base stands a three-story minaret on the small tower.The construction of this magnificent building only took 22 years.If you think about it that's not long its one of the most detailed buildings in the entire world and it's made fully of marble .That's awesome.

Who Was The Taj Mahal For ?

The Taj Mahal was fpr shah jahan's Wife.his wife's name was Ayumand Banu Begum.Shah Jahan and this woman became married in 1612.They were an inseparable couple.Only in till she died in child birth in 1631.And that's who it was for until shah jahan died he was put with her.

After Shah Jahan Died.

After shah Jahan died The Taj Mahal became a tourist place and it is now being damiged by chemicals used for cleaning.Tourists are hurting the Taj Mahal it's just a matter of time before it falls.