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Guatemala City Travel Guide
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Guatemala es sur de México.
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La bandera - National flag

The flag of Guatemala consists of three equal vertical bands of light blue (hoist side), white, and light blue, with the national emblem of Guatemala centered in the white band. The blue stands for the two oceans that touch Guatemala's shores and the white symbolizes peace and purity. The national emblem of Guatemala comprises of a wreath of bay laurel branches (symbolizes victory), the Resplendent Quetzal (the national bird of Guatemala which symbolizes liberty), a scroll with 'LIBERTAD 15 DE SEPTIEMBRE DE 1821' written on it (Central America's independence from Spain), and two crossed Remington rifles (symbolizes its willingness to defend itself) and two crossed swords (symbolizes honor). When used for civil purposes, the flag should not contain the national emblem of Guatemala.

La población

La población de Guatemala City es 16.3 millones en 2015.

La moneda es el Quetzal


1 US dollar = 7.6342 Guatemala quetzales (May 13, 2016)

Una persona famosa es Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac (Hernandez) was born March 9, 1979 in Guatemala to a Cuban father and a Guatemalan mother. His family moved to Miami, Florida when he as a child. He became interested in music and acting and graduated from Julliard in 2005. He has acted in a variety of films with one of the latest being “Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens”. In this movie he played the role of Poe Dameron an x-wing pilot. Oscar also writes and performs music for his band the NightLab.
Oscar Isaac Talks Poe Dameron's Backstory In Star Wars The Force Awakens

El tiempo - Weather

Va hacer esta lluvioso. Va a hace relampaos y lluvioso.

La maleta

- Pongo mis camisetas en mi maleta.

- Despues pongo mis pantalones.

- Despues pongo mis calcetines.

- Finallmente pongo mis zapatos.

Los boletos de avion

La fecha de mi viaje es el 28 de Julio al 3 de Augusto. El pricio de boleto es 470.

Hotel Barceló Guatemala City

Address: 7ª Avenida, 15-45. Zona 9 | 01009 Guatemala City
Telephone number: +502 2378 40 00
Fax: +502 2320 40 02
Email: - See more at:

Duración de la visita es 6 días.

Un individual es 5267 quetzales (impuestos incluidos). Total 860 dolares.

La transportacion

Dos maneras de transporte son autobús de enlace (30 quetzales) y pollo bus. Pollo bus costs 3 to 3.5 quetzal around the city.

Los lugares turisticos

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A zoological park in Guatemala City, Guatemala. It is one of the largest gardens within the city. Cost is 30 quetzal for admission.
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The Xetutul Theme Park is the third largest amusement park in Latin America. Admission cost 15 quetzal. LInk:
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National Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology

This museum houses a collection of archaeological artifacts of Mayan Culture, as well as a collection of ethnological material showing the cultural diversity of Guatemalan society. Admission is 60 quetzales for visitors.

Chichicastenago and Panajachel Day Trip from Guatemala City

Visit the famous Chichicastenago market and see all the local textiles and other locally made goods. Day trip cost $75 or 572 quetzales.

Torre del Reformador

The Torre del Reformador is a 71.85 meter tall steel framework tower in Zone 9 of Guatemala City. The tower was built in 1935, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Justo Rufino Barrios. Free to walk by and look at the structure.

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La Comida - Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches Cake (Pasel de Tres Leches) - A cake soaked in three kinds of milk, including evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk and cream.
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La Comida - Chiles Rellenos

Chile peppers stuffed with rice, cheese, meat and vegetables.
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El Restaurante - Nais

Pollo Old Jack Con Pasta Alfredo - chicken alfredo pasta - 89 quetzal.

Batidos - chocolate shake 24 quetzal.

Los recuerdos

1. tee shirts - speciality tee shirts with phrases and pictures. Sold at a variety of stores and market vendors.

2. textiles - a variety of uniquely handwoven textiles. Found at the Chichicastenango market.

3. Worry dolls - handmade dolls sold at outside markets.

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El presupuesto

Fechas de mi viaje: el 28 de Julio hasta el 3 de Augusto.

Boletos de vuelo 3588 quetzales

Alojamiento 5267 quetzales

autobús de enlace 30 quetzales

pollo bus 3 quetzales per trip 2 trips per day for 36 quetzales

La Aurora Zoo 30 quetzales

Xetutul 15 quetzales

Museo Nacional de Arqueologia y Etnologia 60 quetzales

Chichicasenago day trip 572 quetzales

Torre del Reformador - free

Nais Restaurante 113 quetzales

Costo total en quetzales 9711

Costo total en dolares 1272