1930 Fashion Show

1930's Fashion icons

These designers were very much into the vintage style. So the first fashion icon I have is Madame Gres. She was known for her perfect draping technique. Her style was evening gowns cut on the bias, draped and pleated in Greek style. A male fashion icon is Mainbocher. He designed Wallis Simpmson's two piece wedding dress. Mainbocher influenced a decade of bridal wear. He popularized a color he used exclusively in designs and the color is "Wallis blue". Another male fashion icon was Robert Piguet. He embraced theatrical 30's romanticism. He incorporated high cap sleeves, large yokes, and high collars. Now we have a female fashion icon, Elsa Schiaparelli. Ella brought avant garde fashion. It's the type of fashion where you can be unique and be yourself. Ella's trademark color was "shocking pink". It was used on sweaters and decorative zippers. Like Madame Gres, Vionnet favorited bias cuts. This was Madeleine Vionnet. Vionnet made it a point to show off the female figure. She made the cowl neck and halter silhouettes. So those were just a couple 1930's fashion icons but there is many more!