March 6, 2020 Edition It's a Great Day to be a Cardinal!

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Sharin Tebo, Principal

Leaota Braithwaite, School Secretary

Matt Kleinheinz, Dean of Students & Activities Director

Amy Wildman, Activities Secretary

Principal Tebo's Blog:


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Principal's Corner: Spring Assessments

The ACT went smoothly for our sophomores who took the Practice ACT and our Juniors who took the real ACT. There are a multitude of staff who contributed to the planning and success for students here on campus that day. Food service staff, secretarial staff, our Director of Teaching and Learning, our School Counselor, Mrs. Schneider, ALL teachers and staff who proctored, as well as individual staff who helped make the morning movement activities possible for kids to get their mind and body going: Mr. Denniston, Mrs. Denniston and Ms. Fresen. It really does take a village. Talking with kids, they had a positive experience as well. I will collect their feedback in homeroom on a survey on Monday.

With that being said, we turn to the Wisconsin Forward Exam after Spring Break. This communication is out today for our 10th grade families. The Forward Exam is a WI state requirement, and students in grade 10 will take 2 social studies tests. This will cause minimal disruption to the learning environment, as we will have 4 teachers administer this test during FLEX on March 31 and April 1. The important thing to remember is that 10th grade students WILL need a fully charged Chromebook for this exam. You can help by reminding your son/daughter to have it here on those days.

Coming up in April, all 9th and 10th grade students will take the ACT Aspire. The ACT Aspire is an assessment that indicates a projected score in Reading, English, Math and Science on the ACT (which they will take as Juniors). It assesses college and career readiness. This is also a requirement by the State of WI. We have set aside April 21-24 for these tests, which will be given during a set time each day. Again, this assessment is computerized, and all 9th and 10th grade students must bring their fully charged Chromebook for these tests.

Thank you for all your support this spring. There is never a shortage of activities here at the high school as we inch our way closer to the end of the school year. Be sure to check the bottom of each newsletter to see the Happenings on the Horizon for important dates!

What's Happening Academically and Around MHS?

Each Cardinal Connection you will begin to see more a break down from various departments, courses, and also around the building.We want to keep you abreast so we can build a stronger partnership through communication and sharing.

These are the kinds of things you may read about:

  • What project(s) are underway in your courses/department or area?
  • What are the big learning activities happening that you want families to keep abreast of?
  • What is something else you'd want families to know in general (not individually based) to help engage them more?

Please visit the MHS Website under Parent/Student Resources and go toward the bottom to click on to a course syllabus to learn more about the class, expectations and how to communicate with teachers.

Please let me know if you are needing assistance in contacting teachers. I am happy to help.


Woods: Beveled and compound beveled serving trays in Woods 2, individual projects in Woods 3, Turning Cherry bowls.Please join our google classroom so you can view the daily work your student is posting, or ask them why they don't have any work posted for a project.

Metals: Metals II and Metals III are finishing up their MIG welding projects,

Auto Maintenance: will be doing oil changes in the shop in the next couple of weeks.

Home Maintenance: will be demoing the Tiny House as well as constructing a "Dummy Wall" project in the shop.They will be salvaging the materials for future use. I would like to ask the Families to be aware of the working conditions in the shop and tiny house. If students would like to bring an old pair of shoes, just in case they get muddy.

Co-Curriculars & Athletics: It's March Madness!! Tournament time for wrestling( Dylan Horstmeyer State Runner Up!), GBB, and BBB. Spring sports all start in March as well.

Come on out and support you Marshall Cardinals!

Social Studies:

The Roaring Twenties and Great Depression Portfolio in American History is what's happening now. As part of the project, students will be "visiting" eight states to see how the Depression impacted people around the country. While most of the work on the project will be done in class, ask your American History student how they are doing!

Unit 8 Age of Revolutions project (students will be choosing to research and present on one of a variety of topics regarding this era). Unit 8 Age of Revolutions project (students will be choosing to research and present on one of a variety of topics regarding this era).

Physical Education: We have started our racquet sports. We are just finishing our Badminton unit and will be getting started with Pickle Ball soon.

World Languages/Spanish:

Spanish 3 students are going to be working in groups to create a newscast in Spanish. They have to include new stories from Marshall, a weather segment, a sports segment, a commercial, and a special feature in their newscast.

Spanish 4 students are working on planning a trip to a national park in a Spanish speaking country. They must plan the entire trip from how to get there, where we will stay, and what activities we will do. They will be listening to each other's trip proposals and selecting which one they think is the best.

Special Education:

Building Social Skills curriculum based on self-regulation, continued review of our PDSA (Plan Do Study Act), implement Social Emotional Learning aspects into more general ed classes with our assistance. We are stressing the importance of our student's ability to regulate themselves when in difficult situations, when anxious, etc. as it is life long skill that needs to be learned.

Be involved with your student's learning! Don't just ask "How was school?" or "How was your day?" but ask "What did you learn today?" or "What was the most random thing you learned today?" to get that conversation going.

Click the images to expand to see what's happening in Mr. Wells' classes!

Co-Curriculars and Activities

Interviewers Needed

Do you have experience serving on an interview panel? Do you have interest in conducting in mock interviews with students and providing them feedback? This year, I have 17 junior and senior students in Career Communication Connections, and on Friday, April 3, I would like to arrange for students to participate in mock interviews.

Would you be interested in conducting mock interviews with A). one student or B). two students on Friday, April 3, 11:04-12:33? I'd estimate ~20 minutes/individual - that way, you can interview the student, have time to record/note his/her answers, and process with the student before sending him/her back to class. If you agree, I will send you the interview questions, personalized info about the student, his/her interests, and his/her postsecondary career plans closer to time.

Thank you for your consideration! Please contact me at

Math Week 2020

The 3rd Annual Marshall Math Week will be celebrated the week of March 16 through March 20. Students will have the opportunity to earn tickets throughout the week and the tickets will be entered into a drawing for prizes after the week is over. There are many ways to earn tickets:

  • Problems of the Day: Three problems to earn up to 6 tickets per day

  • Puzzle of the Day: earn 5 tickets by completing a puzzle each day

  • Flex Competitions:

    • Tuesday: Math Scavenger Hunt: Earn 2 tickets for competing, winning team members earn an additional 5 tickets each

    • Wednesday: Escape Room Challenge: Earn 2 tickets for competing, winning team members earn an additional 5 tickets each

    • Thursday: 1st Annual Marshall Math Week Pi Run/Walk: Get your blood moving with a 3.14 km run/walk. Those that participate will each earn 5 tickets into the Math Week Drawing

    • Friday: Mathematician of the Year competition - Earn 5 tickets for every question answered correctly.

      • Throughout the day: Recite the digits of Pi: Earn a ticket for every 10 digits you know!

  • Student that earns the most tickets throughout the week will be our Mathematician of the Year!

Prizes Include:

  • Mathematician of the Year Trophy and $20 TARGET gift card for the Mathematician of the Year

  • Ticket Drawing:

    • 9 - $10 gift cards to area businesses

      • 6 - Kwik Trip

      • 3 - Jimmy John’s

  • Prize drawing will be held during Flex on Friday, April 3.


Yearbooks can be paid for in the office. Cost of MHS Yearbook is $50.They will arrive in May.

Student Services Updates

SENIORS: Marshall Scholarship Foundation Applications DUE

Reminder to SENIORS, your Marshall Scholarship Foundation applications are DUE FRIDAY MARCH 13 by MIDNIGHT! Please don't delay!

EVERYBODY should apply! Even if you think you don't qualify, don't pass up FREE $$$!!!

The link to complete the application is:

Please reach out to Mrs. Schneider for more information.

Madison College Youth Summer Discovery Camps

Registration opens February 28th for this summer's Youth Discover Camps. Please see the full flyer before for all the opportunities ranging from STEM, Technology Education, BioTechnology, and Cosmetology.

You can click the image here to expand, although is smaller print.

Attention Classes of 2021 & 2022!

Youth Apprenticeship is a state certification program that allows 11th and 12th grade students the chance to earn school credit, work with a mentor in a chosen career pathway, have paid employment, and walk away with an industry-recognized certification. This unique program allows students, through a paid work experience, to earn 2 elective credits for each 450 hours of completed work in their chosen pathway. Students may work a maximum of 960 hours over their junior and senior years and earn 4 credits total.

Youth Apprenticeship also provides off-campus opportunities for high school credit in areas MHS does not offer plus college credit classes that are specific to your interested career pathway. These are 100% funded through the program, with HS equivalent credits earned. Apprenticeship programs exist in many career pathways.

You may already be employed and we can usually work with a current employer to be in the program if it falls within one of our approved career pathways. You may not have a job or any leads, and that is OK too. I can assist you in locating a training / work site.


  1. REQUIRED: Parent/student information sessions will be held in February and March. The first option is February 25 in Fitchburg; the second is March 2 at Monona Grove High School. (This has been rescheduled from Feb. 18th.) All interested candidates are required to attend one of the sessions offered. A flyer attached to the email provides more information. Attendance at the meeting is recorded and shared with me.

  2. Email me ( or schedule a meeting with me to discuss your options.

  3. Be sure to mention your interest in the YA program during your class registration so that appropriate course work and study halls (potential release times to use for your YA class) can be put in place.

  4. A completed application packet must be submitted to Mrs. Gardenier by March 30. Though applications are accepted at other times during the year, this is the best way to assure that you can get a job early and complete your required hours. Applications will be sent to you when you complete #2 above.

  5. All accepted applicants will be invited to Flex sessions this spring. There are also several training sessions available to applicants related to the job search. Students who have contacted me will be invited to the Dane County Job Fair field trip on March 25. Students interested in construction careers are invited to attend an information day sponsored by the trades on March 18.

On a final note, if you have any potential interest, please apply by the deadline. You are NOT committed to the program and can withdraw your application at any point prior to signing a training agreement contract with an employer.

Judy Gardenier

Marshall High School Youth Apprentice Coordinator

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Marshall Scholarship Foundation Workshop Night Resources

The Dollars for Scholars presentation is below in case your son/daughter and you did not make it on the 12th for the Workshop.

If your student is interested in applying for scholarships through this process have them please pick up the 5 forms that are on the bookshelf in the Student Service area- near Mr. Kleinheinz's office. The green form should be filled out and returned to Mrs. Schneider.

There will be some flexes available for seniors to get help with the application process.

Those Flex dates are:

Thursday, March 5th

Tuesday, March 10th

Please let Mrs. Schneider know if you have any questions.

Scholarships on the MHS Website (Repeat)

Another piece of feedback from the family mid-year survey was being able to see Scholarships posted on the website. Mrs. Schneider sends those up to our District Communications Specialist, Mrs. Kristi Nowak, and she is responsible for updating the high school website.

In order to find this area, please go to:

You can get there also by simply going to the Marshall High School website and clicking on the "Scholarships" area on the left side navigation bar.

I have also added this link to the top of our Cardinal Connection permanently for you.

Please see this below:

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Course Description Book (Repeat)

The Board of Education recently approved the 2020-2021 High School Course Description Book, also posted on the high school website under parent resources. Soon Mrs. Schneider will educate students about offerings to sign up for 2020-2021.

Office Updates

Graduation Order Delivery

Seniors! Midwest Scholastic will be at MHS with your graduation orders on March 12th during lunch. You can pick your order up in the concession stand.

All orders must be paid in full for you to pick them up.

If you have not ordered your cap & gown yet you can order online at

Attendance Letters


As part of our communication and high priority on academic success, we want you to be informed that attendance letters are sent as reminders of the importance of being here in school. There are state laws regarding compulsory attendance by which school districts must abide.

You may have received a 5 days absent or 10 days absent letter in the mail. The mailing includes a copy of the student's attendance report. If you receive one, please check the report and see if there are any medical appointments, etc that we weren't aware of. State law and School Board policy allows for 10 days absent for the entire year. This includes excused, ill, personal and unexcused absences. Once you have 10 days absent, we require you have a medical doctor's note upon return so we can code the absence as MED. These letters are a formality and allow you to see where your student is at for absences. You and your son/daughter can monitor daily attendance on the Infinite Campus student or parent portal.

Please reach out to secretary Lea Braithwaite if you do not have access to Infinite Campus.

2019-2020 Parent/Student Handbook

Please ensure you read the parent/student handbook, Board approved July 2019, as there are changes.

2019-2020 Manual de padres y estudiantes

Favor de leer sobre los cambios para 2019-2020

2019-2020 Manual de co-curriculares

Favor de leer sobre los cambios para 2019-2020

2019-2020 Co-Curricular Handbook

Please read and become familiar with the co-curricular handbook, Board approved July 2019, as there are changes.

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Happenings On The Horizon

3/9 Music Booster Spaghetti Dinner ELEM Cafeteria 5:30-7:00

3/12 Graduation Order Pick-up during lunch - Concession Stand

3/13 Deadline for Marshall Scholarship Foundation Application midnight

3/17 Winter Sports and Academic Awards Night 7-9 in the gym

3/31-4/1 Wisconsin Forward Assessment for 10th grade students

3/23-3/27 Spring Break No School

4/21-4/24 ACT Aspire Assessment for 9th and 10th grade students

5/9 Prom 8-11pm High School Commons

5/27 Marshall Scholarship Banquet @ The Oaks 6-8 p.m.

6/6 Commencement 1:00 p.m. in Gymnasium

Confidential: This transmission contains proprietary, confidential, and/or privileged information from Marshall Public Schools. This information is intended for use only by the individual or entity as the recipient. If you received this in error, please notify us immediately. Thank you.