Homosexuals And Society

Can we erase the segregation?

How do homosexual relationships affect society?

Have you ever been judged based upon your decision or for simply being who you truly are? Well that happens everyday for a homosexual, these men and women are constantly faced with the glares, remarks, and ignorance from the public eye. I couldn't imagine everyday living with these inequalities due to being who you are. Before I researched this topic I thought that same sex marriage and those who disagreed with it were those who thought that this was weird and didn't like change. I learned it's a lot more than that, gay marriage affects everyone in society except those in the relationships, it's like forcing a minority upon a majority (Carm.org). Another thing I didn't consider in the beginning of my research was how same sex marriage effects society physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, and so forth (Carm.org) . The ramifications that would need to occur are jurasic, for example all legal "rights" for housing, education, medicine, armed forces, adoption, and religion (Carm.org). These adjustments are obviously very challenging to apply. As several states don't legally support 37 do, while this isn't nearly the end it's a good start (governing.org).

How does same sex marriage affect one's religion?

I have always wondered why people with strong religious beliefs are typically against same sex marriage. But I feel that I now have a better understanding of with religious people are so anti homosexual. For the most obvious explanation, same sex marriage disagrees with the bible. Therefore most religious followers believe that this is not what God intended for us (billtrack50.com). However I believe times are changing and this is whole new way of life. Shockingly enough 84% of Buddists are fine with homosexuals (huffingtonpost.com). Secondly 77% of those that are Jewish and those that are unaffiliated with any religion accept gay marriage (huffingtonpost.com).

How can homosexuals harm those that aren't involved?

I had no idea how homosexuals can harm the larger portion of society that isn't involved. I became aware of an obvious point during my research "the government will be forced to get involved in changing laws, which directly effects EVERYONE" (Carm.org). Since all the laws dealing with housing, education, medicine, armed forces, adoption, and religion (Carm.org). This then would expose adopted children within potential homosexual unions ridicule from others. This process would also cause several religions major issues, because "it turns a moral wrong into a civil right" (tfpstudentaction.org). Overall I understand the major changes that would need to be made, but I think it's worth it.

How I feel now

I feel that although this will challenge us as a nation it will benefit us in the long run. I think that this would save a lot of people from suffering, I also think this would help the world be much less judgemental of others' decisions. Remember this is more then a legal right this is about someone showing who they truly are, which personally I think is more important then any law.