St Peter Museum of Fine Arts

Paintings and Stautes of 1350-1650 (456-565-6667)

Statue of David

The Statue of David was created by an Italian named Michelangelo. The Statue is 17 ft tall and its a nude male. The statue represents David from the Bible. It was unveild on the 8th of September 1504.

The Last Supper

The Last Supper painting was created by Leonardo da Vinci. It was made in Santa Maria. THe painting was made in the year of 1495. The Last Supper represents the scence of jesus and his tweleve Disciples. The painting was painted the way john described it.
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Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa painting is of Lisa Gherardni, wife of Francesco del Giocondo. In italian it's Mona Lisa and in french its La Jocnde. This shows half of the upper body of Lisa. It was painted between 1503-1506. The artist is Leonardo da Vinci.
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Florentine Mosaic Art

The painting is of the city Florence during the the Renaissance period. Artist is Leonardo da Vinci. He also got some help by Andrea del Verrocchio. This painting was painted between the years of 1472 and 1475.
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