Family Engagement Coordinator

FEC PLC Notes November 10, 2015 By Marla Latryce Baldwin

FEC PLC Agenda

  • Future topics for FEC PLC’s

  • UTVA Learning Coach University- Mrs. LuAnn Charles

  • LCU sharing and survey

  • Self-care

  • Assignment

  • A little inspiration

  • Next PLC and attendance survey

Family Engagement Coordinator PLC Attendees

  • Ms. Lori Beverage Senior Manager National Online Family Support

  • UTVA_LuAnn Charles_FEC

  • ARVA_Lead/FEC_Gina Moore

  • AZVA_FEC_Cory Flagg

  • CPA/ISCO/PPOS (FEC)_Teressa Henderson

  • ISWA_FEC_Kendra Blythin

  • Laura Stockwell_FEC

  • LAVCA_FEC_GinaWarren

  • MVCA_ Family Engagement Coordinator Ms. Baldwin

  • NCVA FAST Kristin Contreras

  • OHVA_FEC_Susie Ebie

  • ORVA_FAST Lead_FEC_Jennifer Tracewell

  • OVCA_FEC_Cady Looper

  • TNVA Jennifer Martinez FEC

  • WAVA_Denise Roberts

  • WIVA_Justine Johnson_FEC


  • Mrs. LuAnn Charles from UTVA shared her expertise in how she facilitates Learning Coach University.

Highlights include:

  • The presentation of Learning Coach University (LCU) videos.
  • Teachers share LCU with struggling families before referring families to FAST.
  • Learning Coaches are asked to attend at least six sessions before receiving a LCU certificate.
  • Over 237 UTVA parents have graduated from UTVA's LCU.
  • Over 1809 Learning Coaches have viewed UTVA's LCU videos.
  • Over 830 page views.
  • At the conclusion of Ms. Charles presentation. Mrs. Beverage shared the Learning Coach University parent support survey.

Mrs. Beverage discussed the difference between self-care and self-indulgence. FEC Participants shared on the white board and in the chat what we do to alleviate stress, what nourishes us, when do we find time for ourselves, can we make room for change?

FEC PLC Action Items

  • FEC Participants were asked to perform one of two exercises to increase positive mood either a virtual collage or a writing exercise and share with Mrs. Lori Beverage at the end of the week.

  • Mrs. Beverage will send out the instructions to the FEC Participants. She also shared a TED Talk video entitled: The Happy Secret To Better Work.

  • Mrs. Beverage sent the attendance survey for participants to complete.

Attendees and Additional Notes

  • Sixteen Family Engagement Coordinators participated in the November 10, 2015 PLC.

  • Family Engagement Coordinators who perform dual roles will attend a separate breakout sessions starting the next meeting.