Think and Change

Never be a follower

Lesson I learned

The lesson from being in a gang is was to never be a follower. Being a follower will get you in a lot of trouble you don't want to be in. Stand up and be a leader, because being a follower will get you no where.

What I wanted

I wanted people to think that I was cool because I was in a gang, but it only got me in trouble. It made me look stupid. My parents were disipointed and so were others. I let a lot of people down. People thought and said bad things about me. So if you ever want to make a decision and you don't know whether its right or wrong tweet or Facebook me and i will tell you.

Your not cool!

Jail is where your going to be

If you think gang violence is cool, you need to STOP now. Your going to end up in jail and you do not want to be there.