Friday Review

Friday, January 11, 2018

From Mrs. Lewis...

  • Please be reminded that students should not be seated in the hallway to complete work. Be sure that your students are supervised at all times.

  • Kudos to you for the implementation of technology in your classrooms. Great job of volunteering for the focus board in the mailroom. Don't forget that it is a priority that you get into these rooms to gain strategies and ideas for your classroom.

  • Snowball Dance (January 18) - Don't forget to remind students that they can pay in advance for the Snowball dance on Monday and Tuesday. $3 in advance and $4 at the door. Advanced tickets will only be on sale during lunches on Monday and Tuesday.

  • Spartan Time Names and updated standards should be completed for the upcoming week.

  • Prom Guidelines will be distributed next week for all students, in the event a 7th/8th grader is invited to go. 5/31 is the prom date.

  • Save the Date: January 29th will be our Instructional Planning Day for the 3rd Nine Weeks. This is a required Teacher Workday. Please reserve the day for training and planning. Lunch will be provided.

  • Testing begins next week...Have you looked at your data from last semester and set goals for your students. If you don't have a goal, what are students reaching for? What incentives have you put into place? Don't forget our school Popcorn and Pop party for students that improve over their last performance and/or make 60 or better on their tests.

  • Noise in the hallway - Please ensure that students are quiet in the hallway at all times. Elective teachers should escort students back to their classrooms in a quiet and orderly manner. Travel to and from the cafeteria should be done in a quiet and orderly manner. Meetings with visitors to our school take place daily in the conference room and are observers in our front office.

  • 2nd Bell Expectations - Don't forget that ALL teachers are to escort their 2nd Bell dismissal students to the cafeteria. When arriving in the cafeteria, please stand at a table to supervise for noise while buses are dismissed. Thank you to those staff members that are already doing this. : )

  • SUBSTITUTES - Please be reminded when you have a substitute, you may need to make arrangements for students that may not be successful with a sub. Be sure to include this in your lesson plans.

  • Award Program Change (January 31) - 8:45am 7/8th Grade 9:55 6th Grade (NEW) A modified Schedule will be provided for the day.

  • If it is a regular school day with kids in school and you need a sub, you place your absence in AESOP. If you do not require a sub on a school with with kids you put in Timekeeper. If it is an Optional Teacher Workday or Annual Leave Days (Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Spring Break), your absences will also go in Timekeeper. If you have any questions, please see Audrey.

Testing Information

  • Teacher, we need your help during Testing. Any teacher willing to test an additional group after your class has finished testing, please let Mr. Dunham know via e-mail as soon as possible.
  • Secondly, any teacher who missed the Testing Training, you must have training during your planning on Monday, January 14, 2019. Please report to the Testing Office at the beginning of your planning.
  • On the Day of Testing, please report to the testing office to pick up your materials by 8 am.
  • Any teacher who is going to be late or get sick during testing must follow the regular procedure, but must also call Mr. Dunham at 910-610-3464.

Testing Schedule

  • 2nd Quarter Benchmarks January 16-28, 2019
  • NAEP 8th Grade ELA/Math February 4, 2019
  • 3rd Quarter Common Assessments February 13-15, 2019
  • 3rd Quarter Common Assessments Data due to E. Johnson by February 21, 2019.
  • 3rd Quarter Benchmarks: March 20-April 2, 2019
  • Spring Writing Assessment Window April 3-9, 2019
  • Spring Writing Assessment Window Data Due April 15, 2019
  • Mock EOG April 30-May 3, 2019

*** Subject to Change***

This Week

  • January 16-28 - 2nd Quarter Benchmarks
  • January 16 -Wacky Wednesday
  • January 16 - Wrestling @ Sandy Grove

  • January 17 - Basketball @ Sandy Grove

  • January 18 - Snowball Dance (all guests wear white)

  • January 21- MLK Holiday- No School

  • February 4, 2019 - NAEP 8th Grade ELA/Math

Looking Ahead

  • January 21- MLK Holiday- No School

  • January 23- Basketball @ HOME

  • January 23- Wrestling @ East Hoke

  • January 24- Basketball @ West Hoke

  • January 25 - TLC

  • January 28- End of 9 Weeks

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